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  1. iix.em

    Psychedelics : Have you tried?

    Just curious if anyone else here uses psyches and for any specific reasons even related to mine or want to try? I feel it is a very useful way to get your truest answer of yourself good or bad, coming out of a trip is always helpful to find who you are. And if not I'd say it's worth a try...
  2. Querry1

    [Discussion] Ayahuasca

    What do you think of Ayahuasca and psychedelics in general ?
  3. G

    [Discussion] I just came back from touching subline bliss

    Even though I plan on taking my life in the future I am enjoying my life while I still have it. I took two psychedelics yesterday that gave me my best psychedelic trip yet. I touched sublime bliss yesterday. I experienced time dilation. melting into the couch and my surroundings while playing...