psych hospital

  1. Moth

    [Venting] Hospital

    Sooooo, I have landed myself in the psych ward, because of my suicidality, I had a psych assessment in A&E, my brother sat with me, made sure I didn't just say what I needed to to get me out of there. So I've ended up in this place. I want to go home and finish what I started. But seeing my...
  2. Blacktarheroine

    CTB for New Year's Res- back after failure

    Hello again everyone.. I've been gone for about a month or so.. I am not sure how far through my attempt I got but I am still freaking here, after a couple of brief visits and wake ups in the psych wards, I am thinking of changing a few things, such as not leaving behind a note, although it...
  3. H

    [Story] Psych Hospital Experiences

    I decided to delete this for personal reasons