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  1. R

    [Resource] How to be private on the internet

    We all want an easy way out, but have you ever thought to yourself if you want your history to be found? Fear not because these are some tricks that might help you What you first need is a VPN, any VPN is fine (although I would reccomend Psiphon or Protonvpn is you cant afford to buy NordVPN...
  2. Your Own Ghost

    On the Issue of Privacy

    I’ve studied IT some and would like to share ways in which your privacy could be compromised on this site or any site. I share the concerns of many that I could say the wrong thing and then get a knock on my door. And as much as I think a tinfoil hat would be fashionable, I assure you that...
  3. whisper_willow

    Two quick questions

    I have just two questions. The goverment can't track what we post can they? I'd rather not have the police knock down my doors. For my second question, why does this site go down so much? I'm just trying to cover my ass from the police. And sometimes when i'm on the site has crashed. thanks, Willow
  4. loaner

    Users' privacy - HTTP Referer header

    Hi I'm currently using this extension to prevent the referrer-header (when you click on a link from page X on website A to website B website B gets a header that shows them that you came from page X on website A), but it'd be better if the itself would be able to prevent...
  5. L


    Hello, is there anyone here with alot of knowledge on this subject who I can ask questions to in private. I really don't want to risk getting anyone in trouble but their aren't many places to get information. I have severe anxiety so just posting on these forums takes alot out of me but I'm...
  6. QueSeraSera

    Privacy and legal issues - checklist

    Please excuse me if this has been discussed. Has anyone posted the best way to remain private while living and also after death? TOR browsers. Deleting browser history. Keeping online posts (like these) private, even after death. How can we ensure this?
  7. Smilla

    [Venting] Speculation

    Can we please stop speculating after someone’s death? Especially if you know their personal details? Many of us come here for anonymity, and while doing so we make friends off the site who come to know us and our real names. Lots of stuff set me off yesterday, and am wondering if any of you...