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  1. Baskol1

    [Method] Which poisons are easaly accessible?

    Are there poisons which are easy accessible but absolutely deadly in a short time? Or are toxic substances usially mit easaly accessible? Dont care if its painful, as long as its fast, like a few minutes. But i guess such substances are always illegal, right?
  2. blueexorcist

    How will I ctb? *shrug*

    I might try partial/night-night tonight. I’ve been changing and debating methods for so long, it’s stupid. I know I can’t continue like this anymore, but I don’t know what method I want, how I’m gonna do it, everything is so disorganised. I’ve debated N, OD, partial, night-night, & cyanide. I...
  3. usernameNotFound

    [Help] drinking antifreeze method

    I heard that drinking antifreeze makes you pass out peacefully and then a couple days later you die. I'm not really sure if that is true. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. U

    [Method] Poisonous Plants

    Does anyone have any knowledge of using plants for suicide? There are several plant species that grow near me that have historically been used to kill: hemlock wild almonds (the bitter variety found in the wild has cyanide precursors) castor beans (from which ricin is extracted) The Wikipedia...
  5. J

    Aconite (Aconitum Nepellus)

    Hi, I’m new and have joined to find out more about monkshood (Aconitum nepellus). I recently purchased some seeds online and intend to have this plant ready by July 2019. I have experience in growing plants from seed and I have a hydroponic system should the seedlings need any extra help...
  6. G

    [Method] How to make co look like an accident?

    So I am thinking about the CO method, seems easy enough. Probably in a year from now. I live in an apartment alone, which is old and big (but with many different rooms) and radiators all over. Is there a way to make the CO poisoning look accidental? I'll have everything all set...
  7. N

    [Method] Poison (more than you think)

    So I have heard on this forum a lot about poison and different complex chemicals that must be used and carefully mixed. I wanted to explain the use of poison more in-depth. To give you an idea, poison is anything taken in lethal measure. That means a certain amount of something that kills you...
  8. T

    [Method] Poison metod

    can someone recommend me a combination of lethal chemicals or some commercial access poison. I am brasilian tranks.
  9. eczema

    Doll's eye berries

    the white baneberry plant produces a deadly fruit that causes cardiac arrest shortly after ingesting it. they're called doll's eye berries, and while i don't have access to them, i just thought i'd share that with everyone here. i actually initially wanted to kill myself with them, but like i...
  10. Tiburcio

    I feel intoxicated.

    I endured with this all my life. Depressed people is considered lazy people who don't want to understand the world. Surely things will change after all... I'm tired of this comments. I hate with all my heart every time I'm encouraged to live or fight for more time just because the things can...