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  1. Futility

    Sharing my poetry, you're welcome to add your own.

    I like expressing myself through writing and drawing at times, unfortunately I can't share this type without attracting too much attention. I'm not the best writer, but it helps me unwind, I figured I'd share :) I decided for peace and took my own life Just for a fool that decided to revive...
  2. Baskol1


    Everyday it gets harder to keep living, everyday the depression gets deeper, everyday it gets harder to keep striving, everyday i keep getting weaker, everyday the pain is getting bigger, everyday is the same, everyday i want to pull the trigger, everyday i ask myself, am i still sane?
  3. DrownedOctopus

    [Discussion] Poetic ramblings

    Occasionally when I’m in an extreme depressive state, I ramble with words that end up forming some sort of poem. Or something that just sounds poetic and beautiful in its senselessness. I was curious if anyone else does something similar? And example to explain better explain (I was...
  4. C

    Your favorite suicide poetry

    What are some of your favorite poems about suicide? Here's one that I like: Anguished Grief Anguished grief, fury beyond measure, Grievous despair, full of frenzy, Pining without end and a life made of misfortune, Full of tears, anguish and torment, A sad heart which lives in darkness, A...
  5. Gray Wounds

    . (a poem i've written before to express myself)

    Above me is a tearing sky, like a frivolous eye ready to die, bedizened with maladies in the color of red, in which my cheeks shattered and bled. Bowing my lifeless head below I saw, the teeming shivers and spasms always I held low. Like a statue robbed of impunity my lee wept, And into...