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  1. mothfly

    Suicide by starving

    Hey everyone, I recently decided the best way to go would be simply starving myself to death. I don't give a crap about anything anymore. I don't know if there is similar topic already and my shitty phone won't let me search through the website as I would like. Also sorry if I put this in the...
  2. I am ___________

    [Venting] End of the line. 21 days till ctb

    Atleast I can say I tried, I tried to see if things would get better but not to my suprise, it does not. Things have just become even more worse, there is no point in keeping an animal in complete misery. Should just put it out of it's misery, unfortunately there is no one to do that for...
  3. V

    [Story] Planning for death (kind of)

    Having resigned and determined myself to committing suicide, obviously my thoughts have been turning to the time and circumstance of that final act. I haven't set a date, nor will I. I've always lived my life impulsively and I see no reason why carrying out my suicide should be any different...
  4. thrw_a_way1221221

    [Method] Need some advice on my plan (firearm)

    Disclaimer: This will be a very long post as it shows the plan in detail and covers every aspect, from planning, obtaining, and finally, the attempt. I have decided on using firearms as my method, and for some people, obtaining one and then being able to find a time and location for it is easy...