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  1. sunny.sativa

    [Help] I know you’ve seen this question before.

    I want to apologize for that, I know it must be annoying to read the same thing often, but I’m new here and curious about this. I’ve decided on my method, I know I’m going to hang myself, partial. I settled on this because after the research I’d put into it, it seemed to be the least...
  2. deathplease

    [Method] diphenhydramine?

    I’ve seen quite a few articles online about people dying this way. I don’t completely believe that this is a reliable method but it would be a fairly peaceful way to go..until you’re done tripping out at least. I saw an article on another thread that someone took 4800mg of the drug and would...
  3. Stranger

    [Discussion] Experiences with the DARK WEB'S markets?

    Good morning & good evening EVERYONE :wee: I WAS JUST WONDERING IF ANY OF YOU GUYS HAVE EVER BEEN ON THE DARK WEB TO BUY STUFF? How were your experiences? _ I'm maybe considering this because I couldn't find morphine medication anywhere on the surface web :heh:
  4. Stranger

    [Help] Morphine

    Hello everyone Have any of you guys ever bought morphine online? Or any medication which are both painkiller and sedative? If yes, could you share the link I could only find a website which would solely sells in lot :ehh:
  5. J

    Im ready to die... I just dont want my last moments in pain??

    So im in constant pain physically and in the head. Cant sleep or eat It about that time. Im leaning more to the idea of hanging it seems. Like you black out quick. My birthdays coming up my freind gets me vodca every year , so down the bottle blast some pink floyed and bite the bullet so to...
  6. usernameNotFound

    [Help] Amytriptyline Cocktail - do you think this dosage will work?

    What do you think of the pill combination found here: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Suicide/Amitriptyline_cocktail I'm thinking of trying the first option since it requires less drugs: " Drug Amount Antiemetic drugs must be taken beforehand Amitriptyline 6 grams Diazepam or other long-acting...
  7. lady sea

    [Method] Whats the best way?

    I want to CTB but what is a good method for non-messy and non-painful ways? Or what pills will do the trick? And where can I get them?
  8. Life-Death-Afterlife

    [Method] Mixing depression pills, [help]

    Hey guys. Heres my first post. So I l've been wanting to ctb for long while now on and off. My moods been the lyrics in this song lately Fine Again,( ) and to be honest. I dont know where to start. I'm 17 (which some may frown upon) but it would be better this way. I Have 9 Prozac (10mg), 8...
  9. I

    [Method] Zolpidem + alcohol

    Hi to everyone! I want to do it by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. In my house I have a little bottle of Zolpidem, for the alcohol I can use some vodka or other stuff. But the point is: how much alcohol and Zolpidem I need to sleep forever?
  10. Gray Wounds

    The effect of a failed overdose

    As I've said on my story, I first drank 600 mg of Benadril (mg and not g, my mistake last night) on the first night then another 600 mg on the morning after. My mind frequently blacks out, though my body remains conscious and seems to be perfectly fine (taken from those who have witnessed...
  11. Tiburcio

    [Resource] Do you know about pills?

    In Spain there two kinds of pills called Lormetazepam and Escitalopram. The first ones are sleeping pills and the other are antidepressants. How effective would they be combined with alcohol? Are 20 pills enough for killing a person? (10 of each kind) Just for curiosity...
  12. O

    Practical advice - pills vs jumping

    Hello everyone, due to an extremely debilitating medical condition and repeated, severe personal events that caused me a very strong PTSD i've been struggling with for years, i made the rational choice to CTB, planning the event for the end of next month. Since I live in an European country...