1. ArtVandelay

    Tolstoy's Confession

    I thought I'd share this excerpt from A Confession that really resonated with me, especially the third means of escape he describes. I'm considering including it as an addendum to the note I leave for my family. I first came across it while reading The Conspiracy against the Human Race by Thomas...
  2. B

    [Discussion] Life Biased Asymmetry

    This video gave me a lot to think about, it gave me a pretty solid sense of feeling understood. I'm sharing it here to hop it gives others the same feeling. I'd also like to use this thread as an opportunity to discuss what was brought up in the video. There was a lot going on in the short...
  3. B

    [Venting] Philosophical Desire to Die?

    Hello everyone, I am brand new here. I have a philosophical desire to die, and I am curious if anyone here is the same? There is no specific reason I want to commit suicide. I have no lost love, loss, debt, or any eventful reason, nor do I have emotional or physical pain. I just have absolutely...