1. 15dec

    Why Does The Public Get Outraged Over Nothing And Ignore Real Issues?

    So, a cafe called Greggs here in the UK started producing vegan sausage rolls, and for some reason plenty of people find this horrifying and are stupidly angry over it. And I just... what? It’s a vegan sausage roll, it’s not replacing the normal sausage...
  2. Tiburcio

    I will never understand why people wants to live

    I thought a lot about this and I don't get a logical answer, I simply can't understand why people likes this hellhole. I tried to pretend I like life thousand times, I faked I like everything it has to offer me but it's a lie, the truth is I hate, hate, fucking HATE life. Everytime somebody...
  3. Tiburcio


    Social rules, you only make everything being harder than now. People is constantly limiting themselves with their rules. They can't do anything they consider out of the normal. They feel complex with their body image trying to reach canons out of their hands. They harm themselves and they harm...