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  1. Tony Dark

    What does N death feel like?

    Hey, guys... Need to know what death by N feels like because this is my preferred method... For a start, what do the side effects of metoclopramide and/or domperidone and/or ondansetron, etc. etc. feel like, for example? Of course, most of all, what does it feel like once one takes the N...
  2. H

    [Resource] N information

    Hello everyone, since I did a lot of research regarding the N method, I decided to gather all the information in this thread. Please take these information with a grain of salt and do your own research before considering this method. I’ll try to include sources for my findings. Pentobarbital...
  3. Mircea

    Questions about Nembutal / Pentobarbital

    Greetings everyone. I’ve come to this forum to seek out your help. Unfortunately I don’t plan on chancing my mind about ending my life, which will depend solely on factors beyond my control. At the moment I’m only doing the preparations for when the time might come later this year. I’ve looked...
  4. Camille Lejeune

    [Method] Find Nem

    Hi, I'm from Europe and I would like to know where and how do you order pentobarbital (powder not liquid). It is supposedly almost impossible to obtain. Maybe a few years ago from China, but now every web site are scams. I'm very sick and can't really move from my house. PS Sorry, english is...
  5. PsychoPyro

    [Resource] Pentobarbital (Nembutal) information

    Pentobarbital, also known by the brand name Nembutal, is a short-acting psychoactive drug of the barbiturate class which produces powerful anxiolytic, hypnotic, muscle relaxant and amnesic effects. Pentobarbital is used medically as a hypnotic for the short-term treatment of insomnia and as an...
  6. I

    Is legit?

    Does anyone have any leads into this? They have a section here, where they literally offer you assistance into finding someone:
  7. I

    Looking for a suicide partner in the U.S. who has the resources for a painless method.

    Posting on the main forum due to higher transparency. My quality of life is horrendous and it will stay that way, I will have to settle for mediocrity at best in life and I can't emotionally handle it (I'm autistic along with having traits of a vivid imagination/maladaptive daydreamer, which...
  8. I

    Stupid question: how much does Pento typically cost

    I have very little income and I may not be able to afford the two bottles.
  9. BrokenSoul

    Mary kills people

    For those who have watched the TV Series, "Mary Kills People", is it really as fast and painless as portrayed in the show using Pentobarbitol? If so, is there an alternative inexpensive drug that works the same way for people who can't afford it? Thanks!