peaceful death

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  1. Deathmandie

    good news for SN method

    Hi friends, good news Sn is a peaceful for CTB
  2. Hite ES

    [Method] Ever tried talking yourself to death?

    How to Die Peacefully and with Dignity I'm sure many of you will mock this method, but I thought I'd post it anyway for those who are willing to try anything.
  3. M

    New member intro/peaceful method suggestions

    Usually I'd say "thank god for this forum," but a god worth thanking would never allow the circumstances that have brought me here to unfold. I am a 21-year-old autistic man. Regardless of how anyone else feels about the issue, I personally view my autism as a debilitating brain disorder that...
  4. A

    [Story] My goodbye post

    I am planning to end it in the next couple of days but honestly, finding a time where I'm alone is not easy. The schedule is against me. I have been on r/SanctionedSuicide and r/TrueSanctionedSuicide and now, r/TimeToGo(TTG) for around 3 months and a half now. I made some friends there and...
  5. A

    [Resource] Strangulation and Exit Bag method

    This book has pretty much all you need to know about strangulation, of all kinds. This + my experiments should give you a good idea of what strangulation is. It also has a bit of information about exit bags and whatnot but I didn't pay attention to it. Here you go. Link version 1...
  6. A

    [Resource] My Pass-Out Experiments

    (I posted this on reddit, it got deleted, pissed me off) I'm posting everything, for the comedic value. The point of this experiment is to show what closing the carotid arteries feels like. A.K.A what the right way to commit suicide via strangulation should feel like. Closing the carotid...