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  1. I

    Is legit?

    Does anyone have any leads into this? They have a section here, where they literally offer you assistance into finding someone:
  2. Giih

    Partners and others drugs

    I should write something like "Partners and others answers", I really don't care, maybe we could be the redemption or the ruin. Just an outburst, I'm Sorry. But, what about you? Did you find a partner?
  3. Morbidreality

    Do we know of any ctb partners that succeeded?

    I know we aren't allowed to speculate but since there's so much talk about being weary of partners....I'm just curious as to have people really met up? Were they heard from again..
  4. N

    [NSFW] Are u trustworthy?

    Hello again. I escaped from hell to kms, got caught & locked up in another hell, got assessed & transferred to the most recent hell & now I’ve been sent back to my current hell that I initially escaped from a.k.a. “home”. I’m more desperate than ever but unfortunately people (read family...
  5. W

    Pact - aus

    Seems like pact requests are allowed here, so figured I'd give it a shot. I'm 30 male, based in Victoria, Aus. Looking for a potential partner, or even just someone to discuss method ideas/locations with.
  6. M

    There is no point and ive made up my mind

    Im a writer. I write creatively. I have since I can remember. And I am losing my ability to write. I can barely see anything on my right side and it keeps getting worse. I also have seizures and intense headaches and i can barely remember my name. Ive gone to the e.r. and they said theres...