1. lost in my mind

    Position when partial hanging?

    I’m sorry if it has been asked already, I tried to look for answers but couldn’t. How do you position yourself when partial hanging? And how Do you practice on it?
  2. W

    [Discussion] Chances of "waking up" from partial?

    Is there a possibility that you could wake back up after passing out from partial even if you have a good support, good ligature and a properly tied slipknot? Could your body spaz into a position where the pressure gets released? Bonus question: Is it ok to place the knot at the front? I have...
  3. F

    [Method] Partial hanging using a door, a leather belt and a screw

    Hello, fellows. Want to CTB this week when nobody will be in the flat. I have chosen partial hanging. The whole mechanism is to throw the leather belt with a ring (with a thick middle-length screw in the last of its holes) over the door, then close the door. (I could bangle on such a...
  4. A

    [Method] Why is partial so painful?

    I was going to do partial and then just as I'm about to pass out I would have kicked my chair out from underneath me but it's extremely painful. I'm putting a lot of pressure on my neck (above Adam's apple and under jaw) but it just digs in and stops me from being able to breathe properly. I...
  5. E

    [Help] Partial Standing Up???

    I am a little confused about what you are doing with your feet when you do partial standing up. I am trying to do it like this, using the same method (start 4:13): Share I tested it (sort of) and got dizzy, but I did not take it too far b/c my support (a banister) was weak. My question is...
  6. E

    [Help] Does anyone know where to buy this setup for partial?

    In this video (NoLifeNoPain posted, scroll halfway down page), the setup the girl is using at 4:31 looks a lot more comfortable than the 10mm, synthetic fiber rope I am using. I have padded it with a fleece headband ear...
  7. John Smith

    Has anyone tried a bedsheet tied to a doorknob on the back of a door then partial hanging?

    Then the sheet goes over to the front of the door and the door is closed.
  8. D

    [Help] Need help with partial suspension preparation

    So I am thinking about doing it today. Hopefully everything goes right but I am still a bit uncomfortable doing it by self and fucking it up in the process. First I am not sure about the type of setup I have. I will send pictures of where I will do it so maybe someone can guide me better. I...
  9. L

    [Venting] /rant (last act of love)

    I was reading in a thread earlier in which one of you guys mentioned a good idea for hanging yourself and making it appear accidental. It involved making it look like a fetish thing. I want to partially hang myself so badly at work Monday. I know I can do this, I can at least succeed in this...
  10. R

    Partial suspension using a belt

    Today I tried partial suspension using a leather belt, 3-4 cm wide, for the first time. I simply made a noose by "closing" the belt without locking it. The other end I locked in the window at the height of the window handle. I tested if this way of locking the belt would carry my weight, it was...