partial suspension

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  1. O

    I might try to ctb by partial suspension soon

    I know this is all of a sudden, but I've thought about it a lot these days and reached the conclusion that waiting for the opportunity to CTB by sodium nitrite in my birthday with a perfectly written note is an unfeasible goal considering my current state, and that trying to achieve it will only...
  2. Righttodie

    [Method] Making hanging painless

    I have gone through most of experiences of people trying to hang through partial suspension. I would like to add and ask something which made me curious when I read about it in the Geo Stone book : Suicide and Attempted Suicide (which I suggest everyone else here reads it too) It mentioned...
  3. 4

    [Help] does anyone experience immense pain during a partial suspension attempt?

    I've been stepping up my attempts in response to some replies suggesting greater use of pressure/force. however, i'm experiencing intense pain and no signs of blacking out. my head feels extreme pressure and everything feels like its exploding any help?
  4. D

    hanging points for suspension hanging?

    What are any good possible points? Give me all you ideas.
  5. 4

    [Help] i think i'm doing something wrong during partial suspension hanging

    i've been using a standard male necktie and the thick metal bar of my closet i've read that it takes a few seconds to black out, and that 'stepping inside the noose guarantees no escape' but often i'm sitting there, just waiting to black out and then i'll have to stop because i've exceed my...
  6. V

    [Help] Found the place I'm going to hang but ...

    Hi, this is the first time I've posted a thread but I figured it was worth doing as I need some help. I want to ctb via partial suspension. I have found the ideal place and even went as far as to set up the rope I intend to hang myself with. (The location is far enough out of the way that...
  7. borntodie777

    How long does it take to die by partial suspension

    Planning to ctb by partial suspension. I live with my parents barge in whenever. I would have approximately an hour to do it, from setting it up to offing myself. I wanted to know how long it takes to die by partial suspension from beginning to the end. Even if I did a shitty job that took me...
  8. 15dec

    Which ways to ctb are least noisy?

    Specifically wondering about carotid artery compression with tourniquet method or partial hanging.
  9. 15dec

    [Method] Carotid artery compression questions

    So I’ve decided to ctb through carotid artery compression, preferably using partial suspension. I tried a few days ago but I couldn’t seem to get enough pressure to pass out, so I have a few questions about how to do it properly, as well as a few regarding the date I have chosen and what to do...
  10. S

    [Discussion] Carorid artery compression

    Ive been researching methods now for quite a while and Ive decided on carotid artery compression either by partial suspension or the blood choke/ligature method (as explained in the final exit book and in the resource section). Ive been trying to practice this a bit: locating the carotid...
  11. willowtrees0

    [Venting] Final steps

    I posted a few weeks ago I wanted to be gone by my 21st birthday. today is 25th and my birthday is on the 29th. I had a checklist I also wrote in a post about. Today I finally finished that checklist. I finally wrote out my suicide note which is something I was dreading most. i always knew...
  12. I

    Hanging advice

    Hi new member here. Planning on using partial suspension hanging and wondering on what materials work as a rope. Would guylines and/or dressing gown belt thing (2.5cm wide, 0.5cm thick) work?
  13. InaccessibleHour

    Alright. gonna ctb within 4 nights, probably tonight or tomorrow night

    I haven't been here very long, but I was very glad I came across this site when I did, and regretted I didn't check it out sooner when I first seen it a while ago. Because it was an open web site, and several weeks ago I was thoroughly searching the Dark Web in hopes of encountering a pro death...
  14. I

    [Method] Is a dog lead an okay ligament for partial suspension?

    i'm asking just to be extra certain i'm not missing some unspoken rule not to use a dog lead, because i've rarely seen it suggested as a ligament and that makes me a bit paranoid. i thought it would be an obvious choice because i know for sure it wont break, since it has held the weight of my...
  15. Death_From_Above

    Hi... and bye

    Hello, I've read many interesting and helpful accounts here over the last several hours, so thank you to everyone sharing their stories and insights, your stories have motivated me to share my own. This community strikes me as very sincere, and I regret not finding it earlier. I intend to...
  16. Dreemurr

    [Help] I need to make a plan

    Hi. I need to make a plan to kill myself but it's kinda hard to do it. See, I'm a 17 y/o teen, but I've lived a sheltered and isolated life. I have zero social skills so I only interacted with people at school, and now that I finished it I'm living a NEET/hikkomori life. I live with my mother...
  17. RealMe

    [Method] Best way to do death by hanging

    What would you consider the pros and cons of each type of hanging variation,? What is the death rate if I were to try this method without an exit bag? Do the best ropes (or other tools) vary based on the method? What are the chance of having horrible life lasting effects with each of the...
  18. NoLifeNoPain

    [Resource] How to hang yourself

    I just thought this information is better off here now, because the original source has been taken down. If this violates any rules or if the author doesn't want this information to be reproduced on other sites, the admins or mods are free to delete my thread. I hope you don't mind, this is very...
  19. shinitai

    [Help] Planning ahead?

    I've decided to run away and CTB in a forest in a remote prefecture. Quiet and won't be discovered. I originally wanted to use partial suspension, since it's a forest, but should I go for full suspension instead? and would nylon rope or something like a tie work better? I've read all the...