partial hanging

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  1. mentionized1

    [Help] Unable to pass out by partial suspension nor chocking

    I tried partial suspension something around four to five times but I'm unable to pass out. I tried it while standing, leaning, sitting and even lying. And I tried chocking myself while lying in bed by tightening the rope around my neck. Before doing all of this I always checked the exact time to...
  2. Righttodie

    [Discussion] Ligature/Anchor Point For hanging (Partial/Full Suspension)

    I am unable to find any information as to how to create an easy anchor/Ligature point to use to hang yourself from in a room. This, assuming that a pull up bar or some other common anchor point like a doorknob can't be relied on. So, I am thinking of like a hook from the ceiling or a strong...
  3. Phil122

    Partial hanging and xanax

    Hello guys I'm new to this forum. I just wanted to know If taking a high dose of benzos before partial suspension will reduce thrashing around/seizures. I wanna hang myself in my apartment but I'm scared the neighbors might hear me. Thanks - phil
  4. On the edge

    [Venting] Decided on how I want to go.

    I’m new here, so forgive me if this post is redundant. I’ve attempted Suicide multiple times in the past, and honestly they were half ass tries. Over the past few days I’ve practiced partial suspended hanging, and I’ve managed to hit the “sweet spot” only twice. The second time I did it I was...
  5. fauna

    [Help] Need help with partial

    Hey guys, I’d like to partial hang tonight but I’d like to make sure I get it right. There is rope somewhere in the garage, I’m planning on grabbing it tonight after everyone goes to sleep. What knots should I use? I’m going to try hanging from about a 6ft fixture (I’m 5’2”) and leaning forward...
  6. lost in my mind

    Where can I partial hang myself?

    I’ve heard you can use the door but I’m too scared cause my parents will notice, I’m planning to do it while their home ( they won’t leave the house if I’m there but I have like 2-3 hours when they barely in touch with me. How else can I do it, like where? Any ideas?
  7. lost in my mind

    Position when partial hanging?

    I’m sorry if it has been asked already, I tried to look for answers but couldn’t. How do you position yourself when partial hanging? And how Do you practice on it?
  8. lost in my mind

    [Discussion] Brain damage from practicing on strangulations?

    Hey so I’m new here, I’m just curious about the damage practicing the strangulation can cause.. do any of you know if there are any? I don’t mean the cases of people trying to ctb by partial hanging or so and failed, I mean just from trying it . Brain damage? Heart damage? Can it raise up the...
  9. I

    [Method] Need some advise on partial hanging

    I have mental health issues that i dont think I will ever recover fully from. I feel like I'm rotting away inside. All my senses are getting worse and worse. So I'm planning on hanging myself in my basement from a steel weight machine. I have a few important questions. So I made a noose out of...
  10. G

    [Method] Partial Suicide Help

    I'm ready to commit. My last break up hit me hard and I can no longer trust people. At 26, I've had enough heartbreak, I'm pissed off with life. It's just all pain. I have no friends, I'm alone and isolated. I put myself out there but I always get the same end result. My ex of 10 months left...
  11. Divine Trinity

    [Method] Advice/Tips for P. hanging with belt?

    Preferably from ones who tested/attempted themselves.
  12. Divine Trinity

    [Method] Poor Man's Hanging

    While the S. hanging threads are rather detailed, one problem I'm sure some have is the inability to obtain "proper" rope. Although the title suggest a lack of money there could be other reasons someone considering S. hanging can't obtain rope. So, my question is what would be the 2nd best...
  13. L

    [Help] I am scared.

    I am scared as I failed my latest attempt. I wasn't close to blacking out, but I could feel the blood pressurize against my vessels as it tried to escape. I felt like my whole face was getting heavier and my nerves would rupture. I felt like the synapses in my brain would tear. And I am mostly...
  14. O

    [Help] Suspension hanging (can’t pass out)

    Hello, I’m new here. After making multiple suicide attempts by different methods, I have decided to take on the suspension hanging method. And this time I am in dire and rather desperate need of actually passing on though my will to put myself through a lot of physical pain especially...
  15. 4

    [Help] i think i'm doing something wrong during partial suspension hanging

    i've been using a standard male necktie and the thick metal bar of my closet i've read that it takes a few seconds to black out, and that 'stepping inside the noose guarantees no escape' but often i'm sitting there, just waiting to black out and then i'll have to stop because i've exceed my...
  16. usernameNotFound

    [Venting] Drinking and hanging

    Okay, I've had a few shots. Going to try partial again in a bit. I'll give it 20 mins or so. Saw the doc today about my condition and he basically said "its not that bad". Screw you its not that bad. I wake up in pain and am in pain all day. People want me to work and be a functioning...
  17. F

    [Method] Partial hanging using a door, a leather belt and a screw

    Hello, fellows. Want to CTB this week when nobody will be in the flat. I have chosen partial hanging. The whole mechanism is to throw the leather belt with a ring (with a thick middle-length screw in the last of its holes) over the door, then close the door. (I could bangle on such a...
  18. Ali

    [Discussion] I feel ignored like in real life

    I hope not to be ignored again :( I tried ctb these days, but I have not had the courage and that damn survival instinct ... I hate it! How would you like to be fired? Actually I do not care much since I would be dead. But I know that my family will miss me in some way and I do not want to...
  19. S

    [Help] I have failed hanging 5 times- HELP

    I was trying with a satin scarf around my doorknob. I have the knot positioned on the left of my neck in the middle. I slump over and I feel intense pressure like my head is exploding and a loud ringing, but my vision never goes dark, no matter how long I am slumped over. I got a bunch of red...
  20. usernameNotFound

    [Method] Help with partial hanging

    Hi I'm trying to use the partial hanging method. I've watched the videos available on the internet on how to do it. I'm using just a normal rope, except I have a doubled up blanket between the rope and my neck so it doesn't hurt too much. Alot of info on here says that people tend to pass out...