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  1. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Did your parents abuse you too?

    My Mother has verbally abused me as a toddler several times. Called me a useless piece of cap, she called me several times worthless, sometimes she said i would be better of dead, and even more horrific things. Not only that she even kicked me as a toddler several times, screamed at me, and i...
  2. P

    [Discussion] Is anyone on here a parent?

    Hey, I'm new. I'm just wondering if anyone on here is a parent, and if so how has it influenced your desire to CTB?
  3. S

    Are there people here who want to die because of a toxic parent?

    My father. He humiliates me. I can't leave him anywhere. For many reasons. I'm tired of living like this and I want to die. I'm really tired, he's raping my psyche.
  4. lost in my mind

    [Resource] Ctb without my family finds my body

    I just downloaded an app called “scheduled” and I thought, when I’m about to ctb, I’ll set a massage to my therapist saying “ I’ve killed myself and I don’t want my parents to find me, please call the police and tell them to come over and take me away while preventing my family from seeing...
  5. Manaaja

    My family is one of the reasons I'll commit suicide

    My whole life has been shit. I was never supposed to be born. Every year is worse and worse. My mother is a narcissistic toxic idiot who has never cared for me. My father is exactly like her, a toxic narcissist. Neither of them have the ability to love me, neither have the ability to change or...
  6. Zaynaldeen

    [Venting] Why do people care about the others around them and don't kill themselves because of them?

    Why would you torture yourself because your parents 'might' be sad when you commit suicide? Personally, I don't give a damn about others and I would especially not keep myself from doing something for the sake of others. My mother's father died, okay she was sad for a couple of days and then she...
  7. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] Have you felt unworthy of love most of your life?

    A theme that I keep noticing in fiction is even minor heroes' worthiness of companionship, regard, and sincere affection. Rarely is another adult, at least, loved just for him-/herself, it seems. They've got to be ... heroic in some sense. I used to be bitter about not having experienced love--I...
  8. 15dec

    [Help] My SN came but...

    My sn came earlier than I was expecting (5 days sooner, from interchem on ebay) and my parents found it. They didn’t open it thankfully but they’re not happy, they think I ordered kratom behind their backs. My dad stormed out, I had a pretty minor panic attack so my mum started yelling more and...
  9. Singing In The Rain

    Anyone else feel bad for your parents once you ctb?

    I really don't want to hurt them with my suicide, but life is just unbearable for me now. It's a tough situation because I can't go on too much longer yet I don't want to hurt them. But they need to understand I'm suffering. If they love me, they'll let me go. I wish I could talk to them about...
  10. Tiburcio

    I'm going to explode if i don't share this thought

    I really felt the need of sharing this. Something is growing inside me and I must throw it out. If one of my parents commit suicide, bringing me here selfishly and leaving me in this exact moment, making worse my situation, I will go to the cemetery and I will shit on their tomb. Thanks for...
  11. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] I'm the only one who isn't worried by their parents?

    I think the title is descriptive enough but I will explain it anyway. I'm seeing a lot of people who feel bad for their parents when they die, something I'm completely unabled to understand. The reason I should love my parents is they gave me life but this isn't even a reason. Another reason...
  12. Sasha

    [Venting] Emotional abuse

    Did any of you ever experience emotional abuse? If so from whom?