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  1. D

    [Venting] Some feelings on existential dread

    I feel like life is pointless. I’ve tried finding a point, or some sort of deeper meaning, but that seems impossible. Just wondering if anyone can relate because it seems nobody else cares. I know people have existential crisis, but I feel alone with my existential dread. I feel it’s a lot...
  2. Baskol1

    [Method] Which poisons are easaly accessible?

    Are there poisons which are easy accessible but absolutely deadly in a short time? Or are toxic substances usially mit easaly accessible? Dont care if its painful, as long as its fast, like a few minutes. But i guess such substances are always illegal, right?
  3. D

    [Venting] How I feel

    After crying and feeling heavy from wanting to end it so much I am EXHAUSTED. And I am tired of feeling exhausted. Plus I’ve never been in a relationship, and I’m so jealous of that. I don’t know if it’s pathetic or you guys can relate, but when I see someone attractive of the opposite sex I...
  4. Baskol1

    [Method] Is an Paracetamol Overdose the most painful Method?

    Is an paracetamol overdose the most painful method to die? Or are there even more painful methods? Methods which you should never try like a paracetamol overdose? I guess setting oneself on fire is even more painful? Did here anyone try to overdose on paracetamol and survived? How painful was...
  5. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Pray to jesus and you will be healed!

    Some religious fundamentalists think if you only pray hard enough to jesus/god you will be healed. And all sicknesses and illnesses can be cured, or made less worse just by praying and turning to jesus. I actually tried it several times. Of course it never worked. Now im a complete atheist...
  6. D

    [Venting] how many times do I have to feel suicidal?!?

    I’m really suicidal, and I want to end it and buy a rope. I’m good for nothing, nobody cares about me, I can’t feel happy. Everything is wrong. I wanna end this so bad. I’m tired of this torture
  7. Baskol1


    Everyday it gets harder to keep living, everyday the depression gets deeper, everyday it gets harder to keep striving, everyday i keep getting weaker, everyday the pain is getting bigger, everyday is the same, everyday i want to pull the trigger, everyday i ask myself, am i still sane?
  8. D

    [Venting] want to end it so bad

    thinking so much about buying a rope and just doing it. Why can’t I do it I must be a coward, and I feel like such a bad person. I think I am, and I have 0 significance to anyone alive... really wanna go.
  9. S

    [Discussion] too much suffering

    I wonder when we will thoroughly understand that this life just good no bad just a daily struggle with some brief
  10. Lost Soul

    Do you wish you had never been born?

  11. lost in my mind

    Any good writing about suicide?

    Do you know some writing that can make suicide sounds a little bit more reasonable to those around you that love you so I can left it in my note to ease the pain somehow? Ty
  12. iix.em

    Psychedelics : Have you tried?

    Just curious if anyone else here uses psyches and for any specific reasons even related to mine or want to try? I feel it is a very useful way to get your truest answer of yourself good or bad, coming out of a trip is always helpful to find who you are. And if not I'd say it's worth a try...
  13. Your Own Ghost

    [Discussion] The Worthiness of Suffering

    I’d like to share four accounts of suffering combined from personal and found experience. I speculate it’s a factor of the human condition for the survival of the species as a whole to readily deny the truth of or stay ignorant of the degree of others’ suffering, and I was going to write about...
  14. J

    Im ready to die... I just dont want my last moments in pain??

    So im in constant pain physically and in the head. Cant sleep or eat It about that time. Im leaning more to the idea of hanging it seems. Like you black out quick. My birthdays coming up my freind gets me vodca every year , so down the bottle blast some pink floyed and bite the bullet so to...
  15. CFLoser

    [Discussion] Torture before CTB??

    Anyone else consider this? I really think a lot about cutting off my arm, my right arm. I want to really mess up my face too and then CTB. Tbh I don't really know 100% wat CTB means but I think I kinda do. Anyway yea, I just wanna feel big pain before I die idrk why.
  16. ☆SadUnicorn☆

    I just wanna leave

    I just wanna die. I wish there was some easy way out that doesn't have a way back. I only could slit wrist rlly atm but it's never possible I never can deep enough. Idk what to do. I just can't handle all this pain over and over again. I rlly don't want this anymore
  17. I

    [Venting] My body's falling apart (couldn't think of a better title)

    It's like I have gone through a transformation, from someone who looked relatively ok, managed their lives as best they could with the difficulties I face having Asperger's Syndrome on top of everything else, to someone who looks haggard. My hair has been falling out for two years, my skin is...
  18. Caustic Cardinals

    [Discussion] Fucking kill me

    I don't always start my days off in a shity mood, but when I do It's because, I FUCKING WOKE UP ! Gawd please will someone just fucking kill me . Another day of physical pain and emotional agony. How about you? Take this poll and tell me about your morning torments and lamentations
  19. chronicpainnomore

    Just thought i would check in

    A lot of folks who knew me when I was much more active probably noticed I suddenly went away. I thought I should probably give an update so people don't think I CTB or something. As I've said previously, my entire reason for wanting to CTB was because I suffer from chronic pain, and the...
  20. anurgetowardlove

    A messy suicide

    I've spent a lot of time looking at methods and their results. The main issue with guns is just how much of your face it's going to blow off. I knew someone who attempted suicide and failed, and he was left with more or less a flap of skin for a bottom jaw. Even browsing places like goregrish or...