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  1. slothturtlebro

    [Discussion] [Painless Suicide Method] FENTANYL & CHAINSAW - Opinions?

    Hello, what are your opinions on this method?: placing a chainsaw on the floor attached, then injecting 500mg of furanyl fentanyl lying on the floor with my head just above the chainsaw (the chainsaw being on), and evetually i will lose consciousness within seconds/minutes then my head would...
  2. D

    [Method] Fentanyl

    anybody considering fentanyl OD ? What will be your dose? Fentanyl has high peacefulness (9/10) and reliability (8/10) rate in PPeH. The downside is avaliable antidote naloxone. Friend got cyclopropyl fentanyl, so I'm looking into this method but wondering what dose will be enough for this...