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  1. SinisterKid

    [Venting] This is crazy

    And still it rumbles on. Conspiracy theories abound. People at each others throats. Shit happening. Sound familiar? Yep, the real world. I was even stupid enough to buy into it for a moment or three. Defending others is something that comes easy to me, doing it in such a way as to not belittle...
  2. Camille Lejeune

    [Method] Find Nem

    Hi, I'm from Europe and I would like to know where and how do you order pentobarbital (powder not liquid). It is supposedly almost impossible to obtain. Maybe a few years ago from China, but now every web site are scams. I'm very sick and can't really move from my house. PS Sorry, english is...
  3. H

    [Help] Where to post / host suicide note online. (time sensitive).

    Hi, I'm new here but wanted to know if you guys have any ideas about where to host / post a suicide note online (don't want it to get removed before it's read). I need to be able to edit it afterwards because my plan is to write the link on a smaller physical note which I can edit if for some...