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  1. hikikomori

    [Venting] I want to feel sad but i cant please break make me feel bad

    my unrisiprocated crush has been feeling stressed out and dosent want to talk to me tilll they feel better i was feeling like sh*t till a week after they said that havent responded in about a month but that un recipricated love is why i wan to ctb now i just dont know i have the logical reasons...
  2. F

    [Resource] Numb

    is there anything easy to get to that will make you numb without actually killing you
  3. Sasha

    [Venting] Nothing left to do any more

    I have so many interesting things I could do rn, but none of them amuse me anymore. I keep surfing the net to find something to do but nothing makes me feel excited anymore. Before I used to get interested in almost every now everything seems boring. Anyone else feels that way too?
  4. Tiburcio

    [Help] Numb the pain

    As you will know, commiting suicide is something painful. The pain is what stopped me when I tried to ctb in some occasion. Alcohol doesn't work, pills doesn't work, borh mixed are a bit useful... I know it sound like an excuse but I can't handle it. I'm too sensitive. Fuck this shit.