1. bugfriendly

    How is it possible I'm terrified of death but long for it more than anything?

    Anyone feel the same way? I have really intense panic attacks from existential dread really frequently. But even so I wanna ctb so badly. I've backed out so many times because of my fear and I hate myself for it more everytime. Makes no fucking sense. I feel trapped. Being alive is so hard.
  2. mothfly

    [Discussion] How do you deal with boredom?

    And by boredom, I mean THE boredom. The boredom when you know, there is nothing nice awaiting you in the future. The boredom when there is nothing to do because nothing really matters. The boredom when you are completely alone, not just in the presence but also in the future. The boredom that...
  3. Sasha

    [Venting] Nothing left to do any more

    I have so many interesting things I could do rn, but none of them amuse me anymore. I keep surfing the net to find something to do but nothing makes me feel excited anymore. Before I used to get interested in almost every now everything seems boring. Anyone else feels that way too?