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  1. Can'tStandAnymore

    [Venting] I don’t know what I should write on my ctb note

    Everything I can say sound like cliche. I don’t want to basically say ‘sorry’ as it’s not an enough explanation. I want to explain them that they don’t have any responsibility. Another point, I can take a video about how dangerous is these antidepressant drugs and shortly explain what I was...
  2. longingforrelease

    [Help] Make it look accidental or leave note?

    Hi all, I'm still very new here, but I find this site extraordinarily helpful and supporting. I can't seem to solve a problem. I've posted that I wish to spare my beloved 10 year old daughter the additional psychological harm of losing her father to an obvious suicide. So I'm investigating ways...
  3. Into The Wild

    [Discussion] What is a good ctb note?

    I've been thinking more and more that leaving a note is something I would like to do. I have always been good with words and I'm a writer. So I think it makes a fitting end to my life. I've already written one to my ex-girl to be delivered by text or written out later, because I know her and...
  4. H

    [Help] Where to post / host suicide note online. (time sensitive).

    Hi, I'm new here but wanted to know if you guys have any ideas about where to host / post a suicide note online (don't want it to get removed before it's read). I need to be able to edit it afterwards because my plan is to write the link on a smaller physical note which I can edit if for some...
  5. Sasha

    [Help] Suicide note

    Is writing a suicide note necessary? Are you guys going to leave a suicide note behind? Why? I’m really confused if I should write a suicide note or not.