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  1. P

    Two specific questions.

    Hey guys. I am planning on traveling to a national forest in the middle of the night to hang myself from one of the trees. Do you think that’s safe? What are the chances that someone will find me mid-hang? This is the knot I’m using for the noose...
  2. E

    [Help] Partial Standing Up???

    I am a little confused about what you are doing with your feet when you do partial standing up. I am trying to do it like this, using the same method (start 4:13): Share I tested it (sort of) and got dizzy, but I did not take it too far b/c my support (a banister) was weak. My question is...
  3. eczema

    What should i use to hang myself

    i've looked over the methods and i think partial suspension hanging is the most reliable and accessible. i need a place to do it, but for now i just want to know what i should use for the noose.
  4. Tiburcio

    [Help] Nothing holds my weight

    I tried hanging myself but I ever fall. Where should I tie the noose? Doors, lamps, my shower etc. are too weak for hold my weight (65 kg, they are very weak). I considered hanging of a tree but the nearest forest it's very far. Where is the best place for hanging?