1. E

    [Help] Partial Standing Up???

    I am a little confused about what you are doing with your feet when you do partial standing up. I am trying to do it like this, using the same method (start 4:13): Share I tested it (sort of) and got dizzy, but I did not take it too far b/c my support (a banister) was weak. My question is...
  2. eczema

    What should i use to hang myself

    i've looked over the methods and i think partial suspension hanging is the most reliable and accessible. i need a place to do it, but for now i just want to know what i should use for the noose.
  3. Tiburcio

    [Help] Nothing holds my weight

    I tried hanging myself but I ever fall. Where should I tie the noose? Doors, lamps, my shower etc. are too weak for hold my weight (65 kg, they are very weak). I considered hanging of a tree but the nearest forest it's very far. Where is the best place for hanging?