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  1. xXSarac3nSlay3rXx

    What is More Likely to Kill Me? Inert Gas or CO2

    I have a 40 cu ft container of Nitrogen at the ready but I’m still afraid something will go wrong and that I’ll survive. I was reading recently about the night night method. That seems good in theory because if you secure the bean bags with duct tape, I don’t see how I could get it off after I...
  2. MissNietzsche

    [Method] Does anyone have any resources on inert gas asphyxiation/exit bags?

    Nitrogen asphyxiation has been my method of choice since I was 17/18 because of the painlessness...but as intellectual I am, I absolutely suck at anything practical. The regulators..the valves..all of it confuses the hell out of me. I could just go the Max Dog Brewing method, but I really don’t...
  3. F

    Has anybody bought a Max Dog regulator ?

    Has anyone here purchased and used the max dog regulator? If so, please share your experience. I can't afford that regulator so I'm looking for cheaper options. I can't even get it because you have to be 50 to get It I think. The search for a cheaper option hasn't been easy so far. Thank you
  4. V

    Minimizing oxygen in exit bag

    I've been messing around and testing the pure N method, but I seem to be having a hard time completely getting rid of the oxygen in the bag. I've gotten to the point where my hearing, vision, and feeling begin to fade, but it takes 20-30 seconds (and this is with either quick breathing or deep...
  5. Deadgirl

    Would This Work?

    I am thinking around my ctb date i will by a nitrogen tank and a trash bag. I put myself in the trash bag, then seal it with a band and tape. After that i will release nitrogen. My only question is will i fit in the bag? I am 5'4 (163 centimeters). I am also thin.
  6. F

    [Help] My last chance for advice.

    So i came onto this site hoping to learn about my ctb method and how to construct and carry it out properly. Sadly, I have only learnt a tiny fraction (hardly, any of it from here) of what i think i need but I have asked repeatedly for Info and no one has given me any instructions. So in a week...
  7. F

    [Help] Nitrogen Gas hood advice needed.

    So I got a 90 cu ft industrial tank of nitrogen and an oven bag along with a TurboTorch Professional nitrogen regulator (it says for testing and purging brazed joints, no idea). I still haven't got a tube yet and i think i might need to get get some thread tape & lube to connect regulator...
  8. C

    Nitrogen + exit bag; confirmed suicide Charge Description: That on or about August 15, 2018, Thomas James Houck, intentionally advised, encouraged, or assisted another, a known adult female, in taking Victim 1's own life. STATEMENT OF PROBABLE...
  9. DarkTear

    [Help] Exit bag - best position for the hose inside the bag

    @Smilla and I had a discussion about the best position for the end of the hose inside an exit bag. We came to the conclusion that the best position is probably the top of the bag (like in the attached picture). Why? Because the exhaled CO2 must get out of the bag. If the inert gas is streaming...
  10. Smilla

    Starbucks and nitrogen Who needs exit when you have Starbucks?
  11. TheCrow

    Neighbors & a nitrogen tank

    Hi. I plan to use the exit bag/nitrogen method, and I am concerned about the attention the nitrogen tank will draw when it is delivered. I am disabled, so I can’t go pick one up, and I have no friends, so I can’t “trick” someone into helping me with this. My maintenance guy brings all deliveries...
  12. I

    [Method] How much nitrogen?

    How much Nitrogen would I need to get the job done? I am trying to find a decent local supplier online, somewhere I can physically go and get it. Husband is probably returning to work soon, so it should be easier for me to do this. He makes me laugh, he says he wants to work afters so he can...
  13. C

    (in the us) does anyone know where to buy pure nitrogen?

    is Walmart trustable for that? I’m in the south east us, by the way. I’m trying to make an exit bag. I appreciate any tips.. thanks
  14. C

    Exit bag.. tips?

    I'm planning to use an exit bag. I've done a little research so far I've read: Use a 14.9 cubic foot tank try to find nitrogen as helium tanks are so diluted do it laying down so bag doesn't slip off head if you fall over after you pass out. Could i get some more tips? Where does one get a...
  15. chronicpainnomore

    [Method] Addendum on nitrogen

    So thanks to an anonymous benefactor, I now have a Max Dog nitrogen regulator. (Thank you, Mr/Mrs. X, whoever you are.) After playing around with it, and timing how fast it fills up the exit bag, I can now say for certain that the cheap regulator I linked to earlier is an unreliable piece of...
  16. chronicpainnomore

    Just thought i would check in

    A lot of folks who knew me when I was much more active probably noticed I suddenly went away. I thought I should probably give an update so people don't think I CTB or something. As I've said previously, my entire reason for wanting to CTB was because I suffer from chronic pain, and the...
  17. I

    Where to buy nitrogen in the uk? preferably offline

    I have a dilemma, I was going with Helium but I am not sure I can trust the tanks you can buy locally. I was told by more than one online source that if the tank has no other listed ingredients, then it is pure Helium, is this true? Also I have been looking into Nitrogen, but I would really...
  18. M

    [Help] How do tape the tube in my exit bag?

    I trying to figure out how much hose to taped in my bag. I have looked at videos and I cant tell how they attach pvc hosing on the inside of their exit bags. What have people here done?
  19. chronicpainnomore

    I don't want to go, but i have been handed my hat.

    A little background: I am a veteran. After a parachute accident that injured my back, I underwent an experimental back surgery in the military, the results of which were dismal. I was left in chronic pain ever since, I was medically discharged from the military, and for 13 years, I have relied...
  20. M

    [Help] Exit bag suggestions

    I have made an exit hood based off the instruction of "Doing it with Chiï - Making an Exit Bag" and Peaceful Pill 2017 Edition. I am creating a hood using 19 x 23.5 inch oven bags and some clear PVC. The way the instructions talk about making the hood involves using the clear PVC with 1/4 inch...