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  1. anonbpdgirl

    Is there any way to access a peaceful suicide on a low budget?

    First post here, so forgive if I’m going over stuff that has already been talked about. But I really need some help. N is arguably the most peaceful suicide method. But it’s virtually impossible to get ahold of. Given by some miracle you find a supplier, the cost of it is prohibitive. How am...
  2. Blackjack

    [Discussion] My N Has Arrived!

    It’s surreal writing this. When I logged on to this site a month ago, I had no idea what this was or what I was doing. Now here I am 30 days later with wisdom, insight, a community, a guardian angel, a plan, the product, and a sense of combined relief (for me) and sadness (for my loved ones)...
  3. GeorgeJL

    [Venting] A Family Member Threw Out My Powdered Nembutal

    I had brought a 25 gram bottle of nembutal from Johnson before he stopped selling in China. I had it in the fridge in a drawer where only my stuff is at. I told my brother I had it months ago. He respects my desire for a peaceful death, but he thinks that I am crazy doing this when I'm only 37...
  4. DeathImminent

    antidepressants and N

    Does anyone have any info if its safe to drink N while being on antidepressants like SSRI (sertraline/brintellix)? i am scared to withdraw from them.
  5. Tony Dark

    What does N death feel like?

    Hey, guys... Need to know what death by N feels like because this is my preferred method... For a start, what do the side effects of metoclopramide and/or domperidone and/or ondansetron, etc. etc. feel like, for example? Of course, most of all, what does it feel like once one takes the N...
  6. slothturtlebro

    [Discussion] [Painless Suicide Method] FENTANYL & CHAINSAW - Opinions?

    Hello, what are your opinions on this method?: placing a chainsaw on the floor attached, then injecting 500mg of furanyl fentanyl lying on the floor with my head just above the chainsaw (the chainsaw being on), and evetually i will lose consciousness within seconds/minutes then my head would...
  7. S

    N in France ? Can't hold on anymore

    Hello everyone. I will be 29 in a little more than a month and have been struggling with life since I was little. It got worse and worse with the years and it is becoming more and more difficult to get back up after every hit I receive from life and/or people. I have been wanting to go for the...
  8. H

    [Resource] N information

    Hello everyone, since I did a lot of research regarding the N method, I decided to gather all the information in this thread. Please take these information with a grain of salt and do your own research before considering this method. I’ll try to include sources for my findings. Pentobarbital...
  9. uiop

    [Help] N, phenobarbital, benzodiazepines, and ketamine

    I understand this is overkill; I’m just preparing for the worse case scenario in which I would be unable to finish all my N, and end up with permanent brain damage. The ketamine will numb me and help get in a state of mind to go through with it. The phenobarbital and benzodiazepines are for a...
  10. T

    Fentanyl vs N (ready to go...)

    Hi everyone, I am ready to go. I printed my suicide notes. And I am ready to book a hotel room to spend my last days. But, I still have some concerns. Currently have more than enough Fentanyl powder to kill me (approximately 500mg to 1000mg). My way of going would be by snorting as much...
  11. Mircea

    Questions about Nembutal / Pentobarbital

    Greetings everyone. I’ve come to this forum to seek out your help. Unfortunately I don’t plan on chancing my mind about ending my life, which will depend solely on factors beyond my control. At the moment I’m only doing the preparations for when the time might come later this year. I’ve looked...
  12. Smith94

    Chinese N ? Exit Int Forums

    Hello, Can someone who has access to the Exit International forums let us know what the score is with the re-emergence of Chinese suppliers of N? Thanks you
  13. NextSummer

    N powder is coming back

    It's interesting how people are desperate or unaware enough to still try to buy powder N from China for 500$ after the gates have been shut, but it seems some have managed to get relatively pure N in powder form. This is from last month
  14. F

    Help with contacting A

    Hi, would somebody please help me contact A to buy Nembutal? thank you x
  15. deathplease

    [Help] Anyone successfully gotten N from A in Canada?

    I’ve been looking into get it from him. I am worried about getting it seized by customs or getting the police involved. I also need it delivered to a PO Box since I live in an apartment building & the mailboxes aren’t big enough for packages.
  16. Rex2019

    [Resource] New source for N

    Is this a legit source for n? Anyone has any experience with them?
  17. dandan

    Would you dare to travel into small towns looking for N?

    Supposedly in Latin American countries , some veterinary shops would sell N, without a prescription. If you were in such a place, would you dare visiting pet pharmacys shown in one of the old versions of the PPHandbook? It is possible that one day I could go and spend a full day visiting...
  18. Vaughn

    [Help] Am in mexico now, looking.

    (Acapulco) I do speak spanish and all - but i went to a vet store and nothing. That vet did not evem have it in his store... Any suggestions - i have till early March.
  19. Camille Lejeune

    [Resource] Resellers in Europe

    I'm looking for european people who were successfull in obtaining Nembutal (via contacting A). I'm following the Pphb's instructions but I'm quite pessimistic… Is there any alternative in case it doesn't work out ?
  20. Camille Lejeune

    [Method] Find Nem

    Hi, I'm from Europe and I would like to know where and how do you order pentobarbital (powder not liquid). It is supposedly almost impossible to obtain. Maybe a few years ago from China, but now every web site are scams. I'm very sick and can't really move from my house. PS Sorry, english is...