1. K

    [Discussion] NDE, after life, unexplained?

    Just curious, has anyone here ever had a NDE or paranormal experience? The possibility of an even worse afterlife (hell) scares me. Personally, I've survived some bad accidents, but never actually "died".
  2. DrownedOctopus

    [Discussion] NDE

    Have you ever had a near death experience unrelated to suicide? If so was it a moment you were scared in or did you welcome it?? Did it affect your suicidal thoughts at all? If so, how long before you felt the urge to kill yourself again? Personally, I’ve been in a few situations involving car...
  3. Justanotherconsumer

    Ouija board experiences

    I've had quite a few experiences with the ouija in my youth, including correct information, phone numbers, requesting physical proof ect. Was curious what others had experienced.