1. O

    [Help] How much will it cost my family?

    This is my first post here so I apologize if I mess up. I’m going try to keep this as vague as possible just in case. How much will it cost my family post-suicide? I’m moving out of the country soon and I have a feeling that when I’m at university over there, that’s when I’ll do it. I want to...
  2. C

    [Venting] I would only talk to a therapist for money

    I know this won’t happen but that is the point told my mother, and father and posted that on Facebook which is probably another choice of mistakes and consequences but fuck it because money is the only thing that talks yeah I know, I know, “you care too much about money”
  3. 2ISAB


    So this is probably a "tack tick" of mine. But can we buy any mugs, shirts and caps? I would like a black cap with the ss logo.
  4. Tiburcio

    How downloading dignified dying book

    I'm interested on this book but my economic situation is not good and I can't buy it. Somebody knows how can I download it free, as pdf, ebook or something??