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  1. T


    Hello everybody. I’m new to this and I’m ready to ctb. I’ve been reading up on threads the last few days and this is my first time hearing a lot of these terminologies. I’ve tried to ctb before, overdosing on painkillers and hanging. Obviously, you see how well that has worked. I need more...
  2. B

    [Help] Methods w/ low chance of brain damage

    Obviously some methods are relatively slow and have a high chance of brain damage. e.g carbon monoxide and hanging. Whilst other options like jumping from a high place or standing in front of a high speed train are quick with a low chance of brain damage. Are there any other quick methods with...
  3. blueexorcist

    How will I ctb? *shrug*

    I might try partial/night-night tonight. I’ve been changing and debating methods for so long, it’s stupid. I know I can’t continue like this anymore, but I don’t know what method I want, how I’m gonna do it, everything is so disorganised. I’ve debated N, OD, partial, night-night, & cyanide. I...
  4. Divine Trinity

    [Discussion] CTB Method Poll

    Self-explanatory, with a little silly dark-humor.
  5. Stranger

    [Method] What method & medications are you considering?

    Hello everyone. Can we make this thread about the method you are considering and medication you are planning on taking for an easy way out? And Feel free to share any details you want about your purchase and problems _ About me: I'm considering the pong seeds method. So that if it works it...
  6. PrincessInWhite

    Dying in my bed with my headphones in

    This has been the fantasy for me as long as I've had suicidal ideations. It rules out any method such as jumping, drowning, hanging, etc. I am deadset against shooting myself for personal reasons. I have attempted in the past with sleeping pills and a plastic bag but as many of you know, the...
  7. Quinlor

    shock by electrical devices in the bathtub

    Why not kill yourself electrocuted by electrical devices in the bathtub. I saw a lot of films where people die in that way...
  8. Worsethangarbage

    [Discussion] What you have tried until now

    Background Breaks down finally after mid terms. Not like I failed them, I was in the top 5 I think. It was just a push from all the stress that backfired so hard. Stop going to school. Think about suicide since life is shitty and never been so good, I guess. I could count the number of times I...
  9. S

    [Discussion] Carorid artery compression

    Ive been researching methods now for quite a while and Ive decided on carotid artery compression either by partial suspension or the blood choke/ligature method (as explained in the final exit book and in the resource section). Ive been trying to practice this a bit: locating the carotid...
  10. Freja

    [Discussion] Favorite suicide method?

    I don't know mine tbh, I don't really care if it hurts wby guys?
  11. sumbumedguy

    [Help] Methods for a broke teenager

    my parents saw my cuts and took away everything my bank account rope kitchen knives razers and chemicals I have to use baby toothpaste so I don't swallow it I have 50 bucks in a visa card they don't know about how can I ctb I was going to hydrogen sulfide but can't now I want it to be kind of...
  12. Blacktarheroine

    Heroin overdose or...?

    Hello all. I am new here but have been hoping to find a community like this for some time. I am a drug addict who has been clean for about a year through methadone maintenance . I would really like to cbt via heroin overdose. My plan would be to cease my dose and basically every other...
  13. J

    [Discussion] Co with portable generator

    Was just testing out a 4 cycle gasoline portable generator for use in CO method. Runs for 10 hours on a full tank, barely generates any heat and the exhaust isn't that bad to breath. Only downside is it is loud as fuck. I definitely got a bit of a headache and light headed. Also when going back...
  14. pantherfeast1999

    Suicide with opoids?

    Can you reliably commit suicide with 80+ mg of Oxycodone? Is the only source the dark web, and how dangerous is that when mailed from one state to another within the U.S.? If I currently live in someone else's house, will they, or the seller, get in trouble after my death? Also, could you...
  15. I

    Where to buy nitrogen in the uk? preferably offline

    I have a dilemma, I was going with Helium but I am not sure I can trust the tanks you can buy locally. I was told by more than one online source that if the tank has no other listed ingredients, then it is pure Helium, is this true? Also I have been looking into Nitrogen, but I would really...
  16. Zanexx

    [Method] Nembutal in uk

    Hey, sorry if this has already been posted. I found a few websites claiming to be supplying Nembutal in the UK, does anyone know if these are legitimate? The ones I found are: and the Peaceful Pill Handbook. I know the last one is legit...
  17. Zanexx

    [Help] Death

    Please to God help me. I just need to die. I'm terrified though. I have now freaked out and failed to hang myself four times in the last month, two of those times I had the noose around my neck and one of them (last night) I even kicked the stool away but my feet hit the ground. By the time I...
  18. B

    New here: trapped

    For my own reasons, I have made my choice. I want to be done with life and do not fear whatever pain may come with committing suicide. The problem is I have Cerebral Palsy (google it if you don't know what is). I don't have access to a gun and couldn't operate one if I did. My CP also prevents...
  19. J

    [Method] Opinions on method

    Rachet strap around neck with big clear trashbag over head. Yay or nay?
  20. I

    Need help with information on hanging properly.

    Hi im new to this thread. Have been looking for suicide methods and i think hanging or wrist cutting are the only options available. I have done some search on hanging but havent gotten alot of information. Anyone who can help with how to go about it properly? Like what type of rope, drop...