1. S

    [Discussion] Why do you want to CTB?

    Hey, thats my second post here on this forum. I just want to know why you want to CTB. I want to ctb since I’m a little boy but I didn’t have the strength for it. Now, many years later with much more pain in my soul, I want to end it this year. My mother tried to suicide several times last...
  2. McShuckle

    [Discussion] Method Discussion: Appliance in a Bathtub / Electrocution

    Does this make any sense? The comments also seem to be informative to some degree. Can anyone explain this in detail and also, are there any other methods that utilize electrocution?
  3. Divine Trinity

    [Method] Advice/Tips for P. hanging with belt?

    Preferably from ones who tested/attempted themselves.
  4. robin999

    [Method] will car running in garage work?

    is the car in garage a lethal and effective method? any idea how long it would take and how much time i would need?
  5. deathplease

    SN - Am I doing it right?

    I plan on going via SN as all of my other methods have seem to have failed me. Here’s the 2 items I have in my carts. This is the best SN I can find that can be shipped to me, as well as the primperan I found. I plan to buy tagament at the drug store as it’s OTC. Am I purchasing the correct...
  6. deathplease

    [Method] diphenhydramine?

    I’ve seen quite a few articles online about people dying this way. I don’t completely believe that this is a reliable method but it would be a fairly peaceful way to go..until you’re done tripping out at least. I saw an article on another thread that someone took 4800mg of the drug and would...
  7. R

    Questions about gun suicide

    Hello dear SanctionedSuicide community, I signed up here because I have some questions about the gun-suicide method. To keep it short: I'm an owner of a 9mm and would, if the day ever comes, put my lights out with a hollow point bullet. I know that hitting the brain stem ensures certain death...
  8. S

    Drinking contaminated water

    Does anyone know a lot about water borne diseases? I’d be fine with going in a hospital, even if there’s some pain.
  9. deathplease

    Help with jumping method

    I have posted about my methods in the past, but I am looking for more specifics about jumping. I tried hanging myself recently and was unable to lose consciousness easily, and my SI kicked in when I started to black out. I planned for full suspension so I could not back out of it, but it ended...
  10. deathplease

    [Help] Has anyone attempted to hang themselves? Was it scary?

    I plan on doing full suspension in the next day or 2. I have set up a hangman’s noose with a very sturdy rope and that will hang over the door frame with the door shut, with the other end tied on the doorknob on the other side of the door. I tested the rope & I’m 95% sure it will hold my weight...
  11. deathplease

    [Help] Anyone successfully gotten N from A in Canada?

    I’ve been looking into get it from him. I am worried about getting it seized by customs or getting the police involved. I also need it delivered to a PO Box since I live in an apartment building & the mailboxes aren’t big enough for packages.
  12. Lettam

    [Help] Questions about Cerucal for SN

    Hi there, I, unfortunately, had to obtain Cerucal since my Primperan had some issues with being delivered. Does anyone know how much of this I should take before I attempt the SN method? I've tried doing some research on the forum but there doesn't seem to be much out there about it. There is...
  13. S

    What caliber gun do I need?

    I've been looking for the answer to this all day. I am considering buying a gun and I need to know what caliber to use so that the job is done right. I'd really prefer it to be a handgun, not a shotgun. I'm inexperienced with firearms and I'm going to do it in my car so I need something I can...
  14. I am ___________

    [Help] What type of antiemetics should I use for sodium azide?

    I will be ordering my sodium azide today, and wanted to make sure to order the proper antiemetic for it as it is getting close to my date. I have tried to give life a shot, but it has only gotten more worse. I am ready to end it, what antiemetic should I use for this method? Also I am planning...
  15. gunsforhands

    [Help] Suicide with antidepressants and pills for anxiety?

    Hello! Does anybody here know more about if antidepressants and pills for anxiety disorders does work for cbt? I got them today (in germany). That's what they say on the package: 1) Antidepressant "Fluoxetin" - contains fluoxetine hydrochloride, 20 mg per pill and I got 100 of them. 2)...
  16. lady sea

    [Method] Whats the best way?

    I want to CTB but what is a good method for non-messy and non-painful ways? Or what pills will do the trick? And where can I get them?
  17. gunsforhands

    [Method] 2 odd methods that came to my mind

    Hello! I'm very new but the community here seems so nice, I'm excited! First of all, I have to excuse my probably bad english ._. So, I'm thinking about cbt for a long time (but more like I'm interested in the topic in general but I'm suicidal as well from time to time) and since I didn't...
  18. R

    [Method] Undetectable substance

    Is there anything you can injest or breathe in to kill you but is not easily detected as the cause of death in an autopsy? Basically, it should appear like you died of unknown causes/natural causes/stopped breathing..but they can't figure out why..or it's inconclusive. Anything like that?
  19. deathplease

    [Help] Looking for help with methods

    Hello all, I am new to this website, although I’ve been reading threads for some time. I’m looking for some help with my method, and finding the courage to do it. I’ve been actively planning to ctb for about 3 months now, but I’ve been unfortunately lacking the courage to do so. My survival...
  20. L

    Trazodone OD?

    I’ve recently had most methods of ctb taken away from me, but I found 2300mg of trazadone and alcohol. I’ve tried searching the lethality of this, and it seems fairly low, but it’s all I’ve got. So I just want to know a good dosage you all think might work, and possible side effects/likelihood...