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  1. Plankter

    [Discussion] Exceptionally weird dreams after surgery under general anesthesia ?

    Has anyone else experienced exceptionally weird dreams after undergoing medical surgery under general anesthesia ? I had a surgery on my nose 5 days ago and I've had the weirdest dreams I've ever had in the past 4 nights, every night, twice a night since i wake up every 4 hours due to the...
  2. Mircea

    [Help] Overcoming the body's tendency to throw up when consuming alcohol

    My method of choice will involve consuming a considerable amount of alcohol. To to knock myself out in the water or at least not perceive fear as I drown, I estimated I'll need about 600ml of a 40% concentrated drink. I'll also be taking it after not sleeping for a night or eating for 12 hours...
  3. O

    [Method] easy to get medicine

    I would like, witch mecine can i take to become peaceful, i find it very hard to get, because most recommended medicines are hard to buy in my country, any suggestions?
  4. pantherfeast1999

    Suicide with opoids?

    Can you reliably commit suicide with 80+ mg of Oxycodone? Is the only source the dark web, and how dangerous is that when mailed from one state to another within the U.S.? If I currently live in someone else's house, will they, or the seller, get in trouble after my death? Also, could you...
  5. John Smith

    Anybody have problems with meds, illnesses?

    I am on clozapine and I get nauseated everyday from it as well as not being able to sleep for very long. It's really making me want to hang my self although going off of it would be even worse. They tried to take me off at one point but I got so sick from withdrawal I just puked constantly even...