1. iix.em

    Most peaceful and efficient way to go, one or the other idm ft. me

    One of the things holding me back from my inevitable end is the fact that it may not work and I really don't want to be one of those fail attempts yet again once I've hit my point. Just curious on some ways that would work, preferably not messy, peaceful even if that's possible. It's something...
  2. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] Have you felt unworthy of love most of your life?

    A theme that I keep noticing in fiction is even minor heroes' worthiness of companionship, regard, and sincere affection. Rarely is another adult, at least, loved just for him-/herself, it seems. They've got to be ... heroic in some sense. I used to be bitter about not having experienced love--I...
  3. Into The Wild

    [Discussion] What is a good ctb note?

    I've been thinking more and more that leaving a note is something I would like to do. I have always been good with words and I'm a writer. So I think it makes a fitting end to my life. I've already written one to my ex-girl to be delivered by text or written out later, because I know her and...
  4. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] I'm the only one who isn't worried by their parents?

    I think the title is descriptive enough but I will explain it anyway. I'm seeing a lot of people who feel bad for their parents when they die, something I'm completely unabled to understand. The reason I should love my parents is they gave me life but this isn't even a reason. Another reason...
  5. FullFat

    [Venting] Resigning Myself to the Fact That I Will Die Alone

    I don't mean to be a melodramatic crybaby, but it is what it is. It used to bother me a lot more than it does now because it wasn't something I was actively choosing. Now, after more life experience with my mental illness, I know I am better off single. Anybody else purposefully avoiding a love...