1. I am ___________

    [Venting] I hate this life, my family, and this world.

    [Day1 of my road to ctb]: Life is not worth a damn thing. Through out all of my life I have been dealt a bad hand, I work hard and try to stay positive but life takes a shit all over me each and every fucking day. I have had depression since I was 6. When I was 6 I had my first attempt, I tried...
  2. Sundayafternoon

    [Discussion] Are there any true loners.. no family or anything

    How do you stave off the loneliness? Appear normal around coworkers because you can't relate to their antidotes about little Jimmy or their mother that annoys them dearly but they'd be a mess without her. My dad is alive but we aren't close. I haven't had a hug in so long. And i could be...
  3. S

    Why do i 'feel' this way? thoughts?

    This should really be a long, long post, but because who can really be bothered reading so much, I will try to condense it and stick to the points I'm wanting to make here. This is not a final post or anything. I should've known my whole life, but I only realised a few years ago around 18 that...