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  1. whyidon'tknow

    Anyone else sit alone in their car because there is nowhere to go

    I Sit in my car on my phone sometimes because I don’t want to go home and I either don’t wanna see friends or they aren’t available. Sometimes for 3+ Hours Please tell me i’m not the only one
  2. ScottPilgram

    A toast on valentines day

    To those of us who are alone for reasons may it be because we are afraid of relationships, afriad of rejection, have been rejected, or broken up with, plain can't get/find someone, or any other reason. This is a toast to us, may we spend this day together. May you have a nice relaxing day. Take...
  3. 15dec

    [Venting] New Years Eve/Day

    I’m so frustrated by my lack of plans for New Years. My friends are going to someone’s birthday, my family don’t really do anything exciting. I hate not having anything to do, like it’s so isolating and I can’t stand just doing nothing all day especially when everyone else is having a great...
  4. Sundayafternoon

    [Discussion] Are there any true loners.. no family or anything

    How do you stave off the loneliness? Appear normal around coworkers because you can't relate to their antidotes about little Jimmy or their mother that annoys them dearly but they'd be a mess without her. My dad is alive but we aren't close. I haven't had a hug in so long. And i could be...
  5. I

    [Venting] Need to get this off my chest

    It's been two years since my horrific forced Benzo cold turkey. I don't cry anymore, this experience has left me with a very weathered, stoic resolve. Husband's attitude stinks, he has tried and failed to set up an online business, he wanted a fucking 14k a year income from that shit, not...
  6. O

    Intense longing for intimacy and connection

    I've been in a bit more emotional phase lately (4 years of depression), and now more than ever I feel the need of physical intimacy. With intimacy, I don't necessarily mean sex, sex would be a bonus but not the thing. What I'm thinking about is simply two bodies pressing against each other...
  7. Caustic Cardinals

    I am socially retarded

    The ability to connect with others on a mental Emotional level is unquestionably valuable! Anything that gets in the way of this leads to miscommunication and far too often social isolation and loneliness We all Have different ways of perceiving the vastness of our world. There are many...
  8. S

    Why do i 'feel' this way? thoughts?

    This should really be a long, long post, but because who can really be bothered reading so much, I will try to condense it and stick to the points I'm wanting to make here. This is not a final post or anything. I should've known my whole life, but I only realised a few years ago around 18 that...
  9. Smilla


    Who here is basically isolated? Meaning no family (or estranged) and only one to two friends? I don’t know what I did to deserve such a lonely existence—I never had the kind of love and support some people boast about. I tried to give it but it was never reciprocated except by one dear friend...
  10. FullFat

    [Venting] Resigning Myself to the Fact That I Will Die Alone

    I don't mean to be a melodramatic crybaby, but it is what it is. It used to bother me a lot more than it does now because it wasn't something I was actively choosing. Now, after more life experience with my mental illness, I know I am better off single. Anybody else purposefully avoiding a love...