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  1. Talpa

    [Story] A short summary

    Don’t know if this’ll fit more in the Story or Venting category since it’s a bit of both but here it goes. I am a 23 year old male living in a big city in nothern Germany. I lost the genetic lottery big time and am not only extremely ugly but also have several physical ailments as well as mental...
  2. NumbItAll

    [Discussion] What is a "crush" to you?

    This may be a weird/dumb question but I am wondering how everyone defines "crush." The reason is that I've only ever had feelings for one person but people are always talking about their latest "crush" and I'm confused what that actually means. I personally don't consider just lust to be a crush...
  3. O

    Intense longing for intimacy and connection

    I've been in a bit more emotional phase lately (4 years of depression), and now more than ever I feel the need of physical intimacy. With intimacy, I don't necessarily mean sex, sex would be a bonus but not the thing. What I'm thinking about is simply two bodies pressing against each other...
  4. Caustic Cardinals

    [Discussion] Lgbt and socially isolated?

    Loneliness hurts the most. It causes me physical pain.
  5. anurgetowardlove

    Feeling alone and suicide being "selfish" according to others

    It's hard to sum up your life in a few paragraphs, or explain to anyone what it feels like to be in a constant state of not wanting to be alive. There is a difference between not wanting to live and wanting to die; it's a distinction people often don't understand or forget to make. Once you slip...
  6. hopeis5427

    [Venting] So fucking lonely

    I dont even want to try anymore,like im so fucking tired of this.From now on ill just spend time with cardboard cut outs and cute little kittens. me trying to be as friendly and talkative as possible:gets ignored aka the cold shoulder me doesn't talk much: why do you barely talk are you mute...
  7. Tiburcio

    [Venting] Loneliness

    I hate this feeling. It makes me feel even more meaningless than now. I thought I was strong enough for dealing with it but no. I was wrong. Very wrong. Nobody will never like me. Everybody will treat me as a waste. They dislike me and I can't avoid hating them all. Fuck them. You will receive...