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  1. W

    [Method] I managed to black out using partial.

    My ligature was a tie.. synthetic fabric. Very cheap make. I tied a solid lumpy object(ashtray) around one end. Pulled it over a solid teak hotel room door. Closed the door so it would be tightly wedged and tied a noose with a slipknot. I stood on my trolley luggage bag resting on its side and...
  2. 15dec

    [Discussion] Neck padding

    Is it worth padding your neck? I’m planning on carotid artery compression using the tourniquet method, with tights as a ligature. Not sure what to use to pad my neck though, if anything.
  3. John Smith

    How do I prevent ligature marks?

    Has anyone thought about this in case you fail so nobody knows?
  4. Suicat

    [Help] Ligature strangulation... again.

    I previously posted about finding the dizziness too much to stand (whilst sat on the floor - hiding from staff as I'm still on the psych ward), it felt like the exaggerated dizziness in dreams, I would panic and loosen the tourniquet/move my head for some kind of relief, but obviously it...
  5. Suicat

    Ligature strangulation - tourniquet

    So, I'm on a psychiatric ward and wouldn't get away with partial suspension hence the use of strangulation, I think I've figured out how to compress the carotid arteries... After trying for years and years. But, my problem is that I can't handle the intense dizziness without panicking and...
  6. Tiburcio

    [Help] Ligature strangulation

    What is this? How it works? What I need for doing it? Is this the same than hanging or it differs in something?