ligature strangulation

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  1. usernameNotFound

    [Venting] O no im still alive - just an update on things

    So I'm going to get supplies for my Amitriptyline Cocktail. I went to the walk in clinic today and asked for a "refill" and they just handed me the prescription, no questions asked. I honestly feel really guilty and bad about it. The doctor was so nice. as a side note: I tried ligature...
  2. Suicat

    [Help] Ligature strangulation... again.

    I previously posted about finding the dizziness too much to stand (whilst sat on the floor - hiding from staff as I'm still on the psych ward), it felt like the exaggerated dizziness in dreams, I would panic and loosen the tourniquet/move my head for some kind of relief, but obviously it...
  3. Suicat

    Ligature strangulation - tourniquet

    So, I'm on a psychiatric ward and wouldn't get away with partial suspension hence the use of strangulation, I think I've figured out how to compress the carotid arteries... After trying for years and years. But, my problem is that I can't handle the intense dizziness without panicking and...
  4. Marz

    [Method] Best method when running out of time (quick)

    Basically I have not a lot of time left. I need to kill myself either tomorrow or the following days before next week. I had some options but they require time and effort (and money) like SN but seems unlikely. I have been considering ligature strangulation or as last resort jumping in...
  5. A

    [Resource] My Pass-Out Experiments

    (I posted this on reddit, it got deleted, pissed me off) I'm posting everything, for the comedic value. The point of this experiment is to show what closing the carotid arteries feels like. A.K.A what the right way to commit suicide via strangulation should feel like. Closing the carotid...