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  1. Baskol1

    If the christian god is real, hes evil.

    If the christian God, or rather Yahweh really exists, hes absolutely evil. Hes all knowing, and all powerful, so he must have created evil. Christians say we choose to do evil. But who did create evil? God did it of course. He knew that eve will eat the apple, yet did plant the tree right in...
  2. Baskol1

    [Venting] Why do people wonder why we want kill ourselves?

    So many people dont understand why we kill yourselves. Yet society made us social outcasts. Many of us are probably shunned by society, especially in very traditionalistic societies. Im fortunate that i dont live in an islamic country were homosexual like me are treated worse than animals. But...
  3. Baskol1

    [Discussion] What is the scariest experience you had?

    What is the most scariest, and creepiest experience youve ever had in life? Maybe even something lifethreatening, or was it harmless? Or was the mystery never solved?
  4. Baskol1

    [NSFW] What was the most disgusting thing you did?

    What was the most disgusting thing you did in life? And do you regret doing such a thing? Or do you not feel any shame for doing such a thing? And is it a reason why you want to ctb.?
  5. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Are you addicted to drugs?

    It seems many here are seriously addicted to drugs. Are you personally addicted to drugs? I personally do not consume any drugs, and stay away from drugs, because it would make my life only worse. Wht about you, did your drug addiction ruin your life? How bad is your drug addiction, how much...
  6. irregularheartbeat

    [Story] A life rant, just need to get it out

    I just need somewhere to talk about all of this. All of my life I have suffered from psychosis, the things I experienced as a child just went farther than a normal imagination and never stopped, but rather worsened as I grew older. I don't think any of this would be so bad for me now, but the...
  7. Baskol1

    [Discussion] It is unlikely that it gets better

    Its very unlikely that it gets better in the future, especially if you have physical and mental issues. Then it actually can become worse. For example worsening eyesight, and a worsening hearing ability as you age. Your health will generally decline as you become older, so it doesnt get better...
  8. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Sucessful despite autism?

    How likely is it to be successful in life with autism? Because im autistic. Yes i know there are some extremely successful autists, or rather aspergers, but how likely is that? Very unlikely, right? Especially if you have more problems than just autism. Or is autism not a good enough reason to...
  9. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Would you kill yourself if you would go blind?

    I would, because with blindness, or near blindness, autism, and chronical pain, chances of success in life are very low. Yes there are some successful autists, and some successful blind people, but have you ever heard of an successful autistic blind man? I personally dont. Would going blind, or...
  10. Baskol1

    [Discussion] The dumbest platitudes?

    What are the dumbest most annoying platitudes and reasons why you should stay alive? And how often did you hear them? And why do people think empty platidudes will change your mind?
  11. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Do most here commit suicide?

    Do most here really end up commiting suicide? I mean there are many inactive users, but that doesnt mean they are all dead, or are they? Are there more dead users, than alive now? Or did most people here not commit suicide? I mean is relatively new. So i guess many old...
  12. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Why do you want to die?

    Why exactly do you want to die? Do you have any illnesses who make your life to hell? Do you see no future in your life? Do you have a disability which makes your life very hard? Or what exactly is your reason to ctb? And did you try every other option before this decision? What are your exact...
  13. Baskol1

    Every life is worth living?

    Is it really true that every life is worth living? Because this is something i hear often by people who say suicide and assisted suicide is wrong. That every live, no matter how bad it seems to be is actually worth living. Yes, even when you are terminally ill, and cant go out of bed without...
  14. Baskol1

    What do you think of suicide prevention?

    I think suicide prevention is great for people who have problems that can be fixed. I think suicide should be the last option. But the problem is that suicide prevention says suicide can never be an option, which is not true. Many rational people in history killed themselves, for whatever...
  15. Baskol1

    [Method] I will soon kill myself

    I will probably soon kill myself. Probably as soon as i turn 20 so in 9 days. Maybe some days or months after that. But probably before 2020. Because life is just unbearable. My life is extreme boring, and i have chronical pain, horrible anxiety, im autistic too. I never had a job, and im...
  16. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Shamed for not having a job

    Do some people shame you too if you say them youre currently unemployed, and dont have a job? And if you say why youre unemployed, in my case its autism, they will say this is not a reason to be unemployed. Some even say if you can write on the internet, youre able to work. Yes i heard that many...
  17. Baskol1

    [Discussion] The only reason why im still here is because im scared of failing.

    The only reason i did not commit suicide yet, is because im simply scared of failing. Failing, and ending up severely disabled, and or ending up again in a psych ward. Is anyone here only alive too, because of fear of failing to kill yourself? And being stopped before the attempt, or failing and...
  18. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Immortality would be horrible.

    I think Immortality, or just a very long life would be absolutely horrible, and very boring and tedious. It would be even worse if you dont stay healthy and young forever. I would not want to be immortal, or live over 100, maybe 200 years. Is anyone here, who thinks immortality would be horrible...
  19. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Why was suicide a crime?

    Why was suicide a crime in the past? I mean it doesnt make any sense, or does it? And are there still countries where suicide attempts are illegal? So you will punished with jailtime if it fails? And not just a short time in psych ward? Is it because you were technically property of the state...
  20. H


    Does the weather decide how you feel? Some days when the weather is sunny and hot I'm really really happy, sometimes I'm the same old me thinking about suicide at least 5/6 times a day. When it's raining I'm the same. I'm wondering whether any of you guys let the weather decide your mood...