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  1. Alpha_Draco_Pegasus

    [Story] Who am I? This is why I want to kill myself. This is my Fate.

    I joined this forum community because I'm taking my decision to commit suicide very seriously. After 10 years of suicidal ideation, from the age of 16 up to 26, my current age, I have recently confirmed with myself that this is definitely what I want to do. I want out - ASAP. I feel like I have...
  2. Lost Soul

    Do you wish you had never been born?

  3. Nobodysfault

    [Discussion] Am i the only one? Or do you think the same?

    Am i the only one here who think life,wisdom and nature are filled of endless beauty,depth and love but wants to die because i cant enjoy or be a part of this magnificent experience? Do you think all life sucks and should cease to exist or just yours? Would you like to be reincarnated in a...
  4. Bentley Goldman

    Burn with Osama for what ?

    Today I took a 19-hour nap but I still feel tired because I am the type of tired sleep doesn´t fix. I feel nothing, I feel dead. But even though we´re all dead lets all slug around just to exist huh ... Because according to religion we´re going to burn ... with the terrorists...
  5. oldgray

    How do you make decisons when killing yourself is just a matter of time

    my head hurts
  6. Niko

    [Discussion] What does your life feel like?

    I was curious as to what everybody on this forum felt like their lives are like? I imagine 'depressing' would be a common answer, for example, but then what does that itself feel like to you? for me my life feels like the gravity got turned up to 11: everything feels heavy, everything's so...
  7. Radaghest

    [Discussion] Sharing your "life"?

    One of the main reasons I havent ctb yet, is because I have an old dog. Weve been together 11 years. Shes totally dependent on me and has major seperation issues. When I leave the house she scratches herself until she bleeds, frets, cries, paces, and causes a general riot. When I ctb, if she is...
  8. N

    [Venting] Life is a joke

    Life is a fucking joke. Our society survives on science and technology yet almost all people believe in things that have no evidence (religion is the biggest one). You spend 12 years in school, which is the biggest fucking bullshit. It's a complete waste of time, you could learn everything you...
  9. N

    Loss of connection

    I do not feel a personal connection with myself anymore. I no longer see myself as me. "I" am not this deluded person. I don't feel things are personal anymore. Everything is just a statistic. You, me, everyone and their experiences. People like to think that we're all unique. We are, but that...
  10. Tiburcio

    [Venting] Everything i lived was a lie.

    Everything I experienced here was based on lies and fake promises of maybe life hasn't to be bad. I was fooled for 16 years trying to have hope, pretending and even believing I liked things, faking I have a reason for rise early every morning. 2 years ago, I noticed everything. All the...
  11. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Do you prefer improving your life or being dead?

    I noticed there are two kinds of persons here: the ones who want to live but due to their circumstances they have to leave it and the others who never liked life in general. Do you prefer being alive if it was possible or disappear without a trace? Obviously I would disappear in any...
  12. Tiburcio

    I will never understand why people wants to live

    I thought a lot about this and I don't get a logical answer, I simply can't understand why people likes this hellhole. I tried to pretend I like life thousand times, I faked I like everything it has to offer me but it's a lie, the truth is I hate, hate, fucking HATE life. Everytime somebody...
  13. Tiburcio


    Oh... being born... how it's even possible I'm here. I mean, what are the chances? They are incredibly low, but still I'm here. There could be millions of spermatozoons (there was competence even before being truly alive) but I born instead of them. should be considered a gift right? We are...
  14. ForestDuck

    Is it worth telling family?

    Hi all, I'm new here and wanted to share my story with you guys, as I know you can understand or relate in some way. I suppose the best way to start this is by stating the obvious, I'm trapped here, I physically feel imprisoned in this life, I've tried to take my life twice in the past and...
  15. I

    Reason for ctb

    I love life so much but i have no choice but to ctb through the Nembutal route. here are my reasons. I have a low IQ, It's 87 borderline retarded and this is very accurate I can see it through observing my life and how I interact with the world. I fail at everything school, work, driving...
  16. A human

    The unexpected futility of life

    Hi. It's been several years since I realized I had lost the hope to find out what would the life had in stock for me, which new faces it would present before me, the hope to discover a beautiful excuse to make me forget about the bad stuff and the futility that I'm carrying along. I don't...