life sucks

  1. Hite ES

    A Great Antinatalist Quotes Video

  2. KillVenus

    Why normal people want to live ?

    Hi ! (First, I’m a newbie and a french guy so my English is probably bad be indulgent with me (^w^)) I’m sad not about myself but about the « normal » people, the ones who want to live... Why ? I’ll explain The fact that life is meaningless is not a news for you guys and a lot of non-suicidal...
  3. thetwilightzone

    Anyone here genuinely know their life won't be getting better so no matter what, they'll ctb?

    I feel there are some people here that don't really have the drive to die now, in a few weeks, months or even years but you know that you're reminded by how shit it is. I've always heard the anti-suicide argument "What if you're life gets better?". I am CERTAIN it won't happen. Okay not really...