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  1. uiop

    [Help] N, phenobarbital, benzodiazepines, and ketamine

    I understand this is overkill; I’m just preparing for the worse case scenario in which I would be unable to finish all my N, and end up with permanent brain damage. The ketamine will numb me and help get in a state of mind to go through with it. The phenobarbital and benzodiazepines are for a...
  2. Suicat

    Wall Street market on deepweb

    Hi, sorry I haven't been around for a while! I Had ECT and it actually seemed to help but things are getting lower and to me that just says I'm meant to die, I've "almost succeeded" a few things and totally failed others but I was just wondering if there was anything pretty lethal (dosages for...
  3. RyanSuicide

    [Discussion] Ketamine Method? Yes or No?

    Hello everyone new to this forum so I have a question to ask yall is ketamine useful for a suicide attempt? My idea is to take a couple grams of ketamine and hang from a tree (full suspension). I have taken many drugs but never tried ket before but I hear it is a great painkiller which should be...
  4. Caustic Cardinals

    [Method] Ketamine od

    A couple of years ago the local hospital had a ketamine treatment program for depression. they would administer it via iv while you relaxed in a comfy recliner watching what ever you liked. I would have relief for a week or two then go in again. it was working for me. I mean truly working. But...