1. deathplease

    [Venting] Pretty sure jumping is my only way out

    I’ve pretty much accepted that jumping is the only way I can ctb. Please don’t suggest that I order N or SN..tried that. Cutting and ODing are painful and unreliable, I don’t have the accessibility for the CO method or firearms, and my SI is so strong when it comes to hanging. Pretty much any...
  2. Your Own Ghost

    [Discussion] The Bridge - A Documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

    I found myself thinking of the bridge in my town and how one or two people used to jump from it every year. Then they put up fences, not to make life better but to trap people in. Then I remembered they're doing the same thing to the Golden Gate Bridge. There, they're spending over 200...
  3. deathplease

    [Help] May have found another jumping location

    I may have found another location to jump in my city. It’s not nearly as tall as my last place, but I figure I could use it as a back up if I feel that my first choice will not work. The first location is tough because it’s an escarpment & lot of it is fenced off. My second place is a hiking...
  4. deathplease

    Help with jumping method

    I have posted about my methods in the past, but I am looking for more specifics about jumping. I tried hanging myself recently and was unable to lose consciousness easily, and my SI kicked in when I started to black out. I planned for full suspension so I could not back out of it, but it ended...
  5. S

    I think I've found the right bridge...

    I'm 6 hours away from the closest bridge that I think will be close to 100% fatality rate... It's the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. It's over water and it's 876 feet high (267 meters). From the looks of it, there are no suicide nets or other precautions. I think the travel there will...
  6. deathplease

    [Help] Looking for help with methods

    Hello all, I am new to this website, although I’ve been reading threads for some time. I’m looking for some help with my method, and finding the courage to do it. I’ve been actively planning to ctb for about 3 months now, but I’ve been unfortunately lacking the courage to do so. My survival...
  7. Faulisdead

    Jumping Realization

  8. Plankter

    What are the odds if you walk to the edge of a very tall building and inhale anesthesia ?

    Also would you feel any pain from the fall ? Would it be an efficient method ?
  9. A

    Anyone who's planning on jumping or using a gun, how do you plan to beat the survival instinct?

    I am ready to go, and not afraid of death. However for the gun method, the thought of instantly going from full consciousness to death really screws with me. Maybe it's my crippling anxiety. Jumping is my current planned method, and it's equally scary to think that my survival instinct will...
  10. S

    [Discussion] Minimum height to jump from to guarantee death

    I live in an apartment complex with buildings that are over 20 floors high, so jumping is a method #1 on my list. I'm thinking of doing it that way, so I wanted to know the minimum height necessary to have a 100% certainty of death. I don't want to get it wrong because I'm absolutely terrified...
  11. Suicat

    I'm a peice of shit

    I'm fucked on benzos and the tiniest bit of vodka, can't have more feel sick but I got to the top of the carpark I said I was gonna ctb on, fucking extra fences that I the fat lump can't get over. The next level is open but it's too low. How the fuck what the fuck I'm so scared now cause police...
  12. 1

    [Method] suicide due to jumping from high building

    Hi, at first I have to say that I am sorry because my english isnt that good. I am planning to kill myself by jumping from a high building (15 stories), but I am afraid of the pain while hitting the ground. Is there any chance I can jump without having pain at the end? Are there any drugs...
  13. Suicat


    Soon, when I get unescorted leave from the psych ward (this week), I'll be going home and taking a few strips of diazepam 10mg with me then to where I aim to ctb, going to a pub and having a few drinks then buying a bottle of pop and taking the benzos. I don't know whether to Pace myself with...
  14. 2ISAB

    [Method] The Gap (Sydney) Australia

    Not going into anything here, but what type of preparations do I need to consider before jumping? I will not be dressed like my ordinary self. I'm thinking of doing a tourist exploration to further avoid detection. They now have cameras and inward facing fences but people are still jumping. I'm...
  15. W

    [Discussion] Where to kill yourself in ottawa (canada) area?

    Posted this in the off-topic forum, got no traction. In need of general method help, for discreetness and quickness. i do not want to live another second, and at this point, i just want to get this over with. perhaps there are secret cliffs or areas where i could disappear forever? maybe...
  16. Metavoid

    [Story] My experience jumping.

    Hello everyone, it's nice to meet people I can relate with. I've struggled with depression since childhood, and recently anxiety. I have been abused and bullied my entire life too. Recently I have attempted jumping from a 4 story window, and all that did was mangle my foot and break my nose...
  17. J

    Good places to jump in the uk?

    Does anyone know of any good places to jump from in the UK, besides Beachy Head and other more notorious places? Ideally quite easily accessible by car and relatively quiet? Thanks
  18. Lady Euthanasia

    [Help] If you had tried jumping before but failed, could you share why?

    My suicide date is getting closer and closer. Have to say I am feeling very calm about this hole situation although I can’t deny the little worry that had sparked my thoughts. You see I had never attempted suicide before so I frankly don’t know what exactly to expect. I am mostly confident that...
  19. N

    [NSFW] Are u trustworthy?

    Hello again. I escaped from hell to kms, got caught & locked up in another hell, got assessed & transferred to the most recent hell & now I’ve been sent back to my current hell that I initially escaped from a.k.a. “home”. I’m more desperate than ever but unfortunately people (read family...