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  1. K

    Is it better for family to have a body for their greiving process?

    Im feeling ready to jump, there is a cliff by the sea at the other side of the country thats a hotspot for suicide that's calling me. Been thinking this week about the impact of family no lt having a body to properly dispose of do any of you have any insight?
  2. fauna

    [Help] skydiving “accident”

    I’ve been skydiving twice now, and I’m scheduled to have another jump within a few weeks. I’ve been jumping tandem, but this time I’ll be jumping by myself. How much would a fall like that hurt? I’ll be falling at 150 mph and from 14,000 feet. I’m shared the impact will be painful or that I’ll...
  3. A

    [Help] My Suicide Video - should I watch it?

    Just after some advice.. Those who remember I posted about having jumped off a bridge onto the motorway. It was 5 months ago and I’m still in hospital. My question is, I had one of the police officers (he visits regularly) come and see me today and he told me the whole thing from me jumping...
  4. ihatepain

    [Discussion] Can Wind Blow Me Far Away From Desired Landing Spot When Jumping?

    I am planning to jump off a 31 storey building but the desired landing spot is not a very big area. There are plants and small trees 15 feet from the concrete area (which is my desired landing spot). The concrete area is exactly below me from my jumping spot. Can the wind blow me to different...
  5. A

    Jumping off a building/cliff

    I planned a normal trip to Tokyo that would take place in September if all things were in place. I would sneak to the airport, get on the booked flight and be on my merry way to my final destinations (pun?). Since Japanese Yen worth a whopping >50:1 against my home currency, I have no trouble...
  6. A

    [Help] Has anyone here survived jumping off a bridge/building and is willing to share? (solid land only preferably)

    Has anyone here survived jumping off a building or bridge onto solid land? Would really like someone to talk to about it as this has recently happened to me. People try their best to understand and mostly do to some extent but I feel people who have actually been through it will truly...
  7. ihatepain

    [Help] Does Bodyweight Matter When Jumping?

    I have a question. Would it be more lethal if a fat person jumped off a tall building compared to a thin person jumping off a tall building? Fat person advantage is that there would be more impact but the disadvantage is that the fat person would have more cushioning that protect their organs...
  8. Baskol1

    [Discussion] "Selfish" suicide methods?

    Why do some people say that the hard suicide methods, like jumping, hanging, or train are selfish? Dont they realize that sometimes the hard methods are the only one, because for the soft methods you need things like cyanide which are hard to get. And the harder the government suicide makes, the...
  9. W

    Jumping off a bridge?

    does anyone know the probability of death if one jumps off a bridge, or statistics on the matter? I would be falling into water.
  10. RedPanda

    [Method] Skydiving And Not Opening Your Parachute

    Hmm, so i was wondering how crazy the aftermath of doing something like this would actually be. I've skydived before, i don't own a license to skydive, only did it tandem. The feeling is amazing and you feel like a bird in the sky BUT you're falling at 200km/h. I was wondering if anyone else has...
  11. ImSorryEmma

    Indian man makes 2 minute tutorial on how to commit suicide

    Some Indian man makes a 2 minute tutorial on how to commit suicide, his method was jumping off his apartment building, the first video is the tutorial and the second one is him actually jumping
  12. J

    [Method] Forget waiting for a bus, i think i'm taking the tube train...

    I've reviewed the news and there have been four suicides on the tube train in my city this year, with a fifth person that was pulled away before they could jump. It's messy and it'll leave other people scarred, too, but i'm deteriorating at such a rapid pace i don't think I even have time to...
  13. B

    [Help] Beachy Head - Coordinates of best drop?

    Do any of you guys know the highest location to jump - with no obstacles, straight down? Coordinates or whatever would be much appreciated. [A suicide with a definite, and quick, death at the end seems best over say, hanging or CO. The idea of just having to do one little jump, and then for it...
  14. deathplease

    [Venting] Pretty sure jumping is my only way out

    I’ve pretty much accepted that jumping is the only way I can ctb. Please don’t suggest that I order N or SN..tried that. Cutting and ODing are painful and unreliable, I don’t have the accessibility for the CO method or firearms, and my SI is so strong when it comes to hanging. Pretty much any...
  15. Your Own Ghost

    [Discussion] The Bridge - A Documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge Suicides

    I found myself thinking of the bridge in my town and how one or two people used to jump from it every year. Then they put up fences, not to make life better but to trap people in. Then I remembered they're doing the same thing to the Golden Gate Bridge. There, they're spending over 200...
  16. deathplease

    [Help] May have found another jumping location

    I may have found another location to jump in my city. It’s not nearly as tall as my last place, but I figure I could use it as a back up if I feel that my first choice will not work. The first location is tough because it’s an escarpment & lot of it is fenced off. My second place is a hiking...
  17. deathplease

    Help with jumping method

    I have posted about my methods in the past, but I am looking for more specifics about jumping. I tried hanging myself recently and was unable to lose consciousness easily, and my SI kicked in when I started to black out. I planned for full suspension so I could not back out of it, but it ended...
  18. S

    I think I've found the right bridge...

    I'm 6 hours away from the closest bridge that I think will be close to 100% fatality rate... It's the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. It's over water and it's 876 feet high (267 meters). From the looks of it, there are no suicide nets or other precautions. I think the travel there will...
  19. deathplease

    [Help] Looking for help with methods

    Hello all, I am new to this website, although I’ve been reading threads for some time. I’m looking for some help with my method, and finding the courage to do it. I’ve been actively planning to ctb for about 3 months now, but I’ve been unfortunately lacking the courage to do so. My survival...
  20. Faulisdead

    Jumping Realization