1. Faulisdead

    [Venting] Something’s gotta be done

    Shit has hit the fan. I think I’m going to jump tomorrow. Too much of a puss to do a partial hanging. The physical sensation was unbearable for me. But my life is over, and I’m not ready for it. I’m very nervous, but it’s gotta be done.
  2. Faulisdead

    [Discussion] Anybody survive a jump, or personally know someone who has?

    Just curious about any injuries sustained and thoughts while mid-air.
  3. N

    [Help] Can i jump of tenth floor onto concrete

    Hi, I am able to jump of my balcony and land on solid concrete. I live on the tenth floor. I can also nose dive and land head first. Will this work? What are the chances of failing? Thanks.
  4. A

    Anyone who's planning on jumping or using a gun, how do you plan to beat the survival instinct?

    I am ready to go, and not afraid of death. However for the gun method, the thought of instantly going from full consciousness to death really screws with me. Maybe it's my crippling anxiety. Jumping is my current planned method, and it's equally scary to think that my survival instinct will...
  5. 2ISAB

    [Method] The Gap (Sydney) Australia

    Not going into anything here, but what type of preparations do I need to consider before jumping? I will not be dressed like my ordinary self. I'm thinking of doing a tourist exploration to further avoid detection. They now have cameras and inward facing fences but people are still jumping. I'm...
  6. alice-jane

    [Discussion] Is a 155-ft high bridge a safe bet? There is a bridge that nobody has survived.

    I am trying to find the least painful way. I am an ex-alcoholic and will plan to drink until drunk, then jump. I am too lazy and depressed to arrange a will or to write a note. The only thing I will miss is my cat. But my roommate loves her and will take care of her.