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  1. John Smith

    places to jump

    I'm having a really hard time finding a good place to jump from. I'm afraid of whether I will be able to jump head first like I need to due to the difficulty of positioning yourself after climbing over. I'm also afraid of jumping off cliffs into trees. Does anyone have any good spots to jump from?
  2. A

    [Help] My Suicide Video - should I watch it?

    Just after some advice.. Those who remember I posted about having jumped off a bridge onto the motorway. It was 5 months ago and I’m still in hospital. My question is, I had one of the police officers (he visits regularly) come and see me today and he told me the whole thing from me jumping...
  3. ihatepain

    [Discussion] Can Wind Blow Me Far Away From Desired Landing Spot When Jumping?

    I am planning to jump off a 31 storey building but the desired landing spot is not a very big area. There are plants and small trees 15 feet from the concrete area (which is my desired landing spot). The concrete area is exactly below me from my jumping spot. Can the wind blow me to different...
  4. A

    [Help] Has anyone here survived jumping off a bridge/building and is willing to share? (solid land only preferably)

    Has anyone here survived jumping off a building or bridge onto solid land? Would really like someone to talk to about it as this has recently happened to me. People try their best to understand and mostly do to some extent but I feel people who have actually been through it will truly...
  5. ihatepain

    [Help] Does Bodyweight Matter When Jumping?

    I have a question. Would it be more lethal if a fat person jumped off a tall building compared to a thin person jumping off a tall building? Fat person advantage is that there would be more impact but the disadvantage is that the fat person would have more cushioning that protect their organs...
  6. Baskol1

    [Method] I will soon kill myself

    I will probably soon kill myself. Probably as soon as i turn 20 so in 9 days. Maybe some days or months after that. But probably before 2020. Because life is just unbearable. My life is extreme boring, and i have chronical pain, horrible anxiety, im autistic too. I never had a job, and im...
  7. RedPanda

    [Method] Skydiving And Not Opening Your Parachute

    Hmm, so i was wondering how crazy the aftermath of doing something like this would actually be. I've skydived before, i don't own a license to skydive, only did it tandem. The feeling is amazing and you feel like a bird in the sky BUT you're falling at 200km/h. I was wondering if anyone else has...
  8. RedPanda

    Planning to hang myself next year. Don't want to make it to 30.

    Hi everyone My first post here. I think the titles says it all, planning to CTB next year. I have a set date on my calender and reminders leading up to the day (it will take place in December, just before 2021). Planning to hang myself in my wardrobe with a belt but still not entirely sure if a...
  9. not_a_robot

    Do you have a favorite funny or noteworthy story about someone CTB, or not quite?

    Here is mine, I fucking LOVE this story. I wonder how he feels now, but I don't want to pry. Link should work. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/miracle-man-plunges-w-side-building-crashes-atop-dodge-charger-lives-tale-article-1.202576?
  10. Faulisdead

    [Venting] Something’s gotta be done

    Shit has hit the fan. I think I’m going to jump tomorrow. Too much of a puss to do a partial hanging. The physical sensation was unbearable for me. But my life is over, and I’m not ready for it. I’m very nervous, but it’s gotta be done.
  11. Faulisdead

    [Discussion] Anybody survive a jump, or personally know someone who has?

    Just curious about any injuries sustained and thoughts while mid-air.
  12. N

    [Help] Can i jump of tenth floor onto concrete

    Hi, I am able to jump of my balcony and land on solid concrete. I live on the tenth floor. I can also nose dive and land head first. Will this work? What are the chances of failing? Thanks.
  13. A

    Anyone who's planning on jumping or using a gun, how do you plan to beat the survival instinct?

    I am ready to go, and not afraid of death. However for the gun method, the thought of instantly going from full consciousness to death really screws with me. Maybe it's my crippling anxiety. Jumping is my current planned method, and it's equally scary to think that my survival instinct will...
  14. 2ISAB

    [Method] The Gap (Sydney) Australia

    Not going into anything here, but what type of preparations do I need to consider before jumping? I will not be dressed like my ordinary self. I'm thinking of doing a tourist exploration to further avoid detection. They now have cameras and inward facing fences but people are still jumping. I'm...
  15. alice-jane

    [Discussion] Is a 155-ft high bridge a safe bet? There is a bridge that nobody has survived.

    I am trying to find the least painful way. I am an ex-alcoholic and will plan to drink until drunk, then jump. I am too lazy and depressed to arrange a will or to write a note. The only thing I will miss is my cat. But my roommate loves her and will take care of her.