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  1. Plankter

    [Story] I thought my teacher was making a suicide joke today

    So today in physics class the teacher was explaining how weight is distributed on ropes that carry a load and for an analogy she told us to imagine ourselves hanging and for a few moments I was like since when do teachers make suicide jokes and I was surprised nobody reacted to her considering...
  2. G

    Funniest way to ctb

    This is partially a joke thread - I'm not going to suggest anyone use a method discussed on this thread. I was thinking of what would literally be the funniest or most humouress way to ctb? A way that would be so weird it would make the news and the reporter would have to discipline themselves...
  3. N

    [Venting] Life is a joke

    Life is a fucking joke. Our society survives on science and technology yet almost all people believe in things that have no evidence (religion is the biggest one). You spend 12 years in school, which is the biggest fucking bullshit. It's a complete waste of time, you could learn everything you...