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  1. D

    [Venting] Some feelings on existential dread

    I feel like life is pointless. I’ve tried finding a point, or some sort of deeper meaning, but that seems impossible. Just wondering if anyone can relate because it seems nobody else cares. I know people have existential crisis, but I feel alone with my existential dread. I feel it’s a lot...
  2. PariahCarey

    I am so ashamed of my weakness

    posting here feels indulgent. Like i'm feeding my sadness out of my hand. Making it grow larger. I don't want to even acknowledge it. But in this moment I am overflowing with regret. The culmination of all my efforts since birth have been a disaster. It discourages me from making any more...
  3. 15dec

    [Venting] New Years Eve/Day

    I’m so frustrated by my lack of plans for New Years. My friends are going to someone’s birthday, my family don’t really do anything exciting. I hate not having anything to do, like it’s so isolating and I can’t stand just doing nothing all day especially when everyone else is having a great...
  4. AntiLifeEric

    [Discussion] Water-fasting to make c-ingtb possible

    I've been thinking about how so many people want out of this life, but fear and depression actually keep them, here, because no one wants to die miserable and feeling alone. It's a long shot, but those with the resources could try water fasting to get their bodies cleaner, and get them feeling...
  5. Smilla


    Who here is basically isolated? Meaning no family (or estranged) and only one to two friends? I don’t know what I did to deserve such a lonely existence—I never had the kind of love and support some people boast about. I tried to give it but it was never reciprocated except by one dear friend...
  6. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] The root cause of the problem--share

    Anyone else feel specifically that their base problem has been that, for whatever reasons, they just don't fit in anywhere? And that, therefore, no excuse--no matter how objectively valid, matters for your social failures b/c people are ultimately free to accept or reject other people? I was...