inert gas asphyxiation

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  1. MissNietzsche

    [Method] Does anyone have any resources on inert gas asphyxiation/exit bags?

    Nitrogen asphyxiation has been my method of choice since I was 17/18 because of the painlessness...but as intellectual I am, I absolutely suck at anything practical. The regulators..the valves..all of it confuses the hell out of me. I could just go the Max Dog Brewing method, but I really don’t...
  2. V

    Minimizing oxygen in exit bag

    I've been messing around and testing the pure N method, but I seem to be having a hard time completely getting rid of the oxygen in the bag. I've gotten to the point where my hearing, vision, and feeling begin to fade, but it takes 20-30 seconds (and this is with either quick breathing or deep...
  3. C

    Body found in tree at Fort Worden

    Place:Fort Worden Time: body discovered in January Method: asphyxiant gas and exit bag Position: with birds almost in the sky! Was he one of us?
  4. A

    [Story] My goodbye post

    I am planning to end it in the next couple of days but honestly, finding a time where I'm alone is not easy. The schedule is against me. I have been on r/SanctionedSuicide and r/TrueSanctionedSuicide and now, r/TimeToGo(TTG) for around 3 months and a half now. I made some friends there and...