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  1. PariahCarey

    [Story] Constantly mourning the loss of my life

    I'm all too used to trying to explain the sharp decline in my body and mind. I'll skip the vivd descriptions of how grotesque my decent into self destruction was. My entire childhood I was one of those short sighted idiots obsessed with his "art" and truly believed it would get me somewhere in...
  2. Niko

    [Venting] Nothing. ever. works.

    this is the biggest frustration in my life: not a single fucking thing i put effort into gets me anywhere! i've pushed myself hard, incredibly hard, over and over and over again. i was a chubby kid so i pushed myself to work the fuck out and go on a strict diet. i dropped out of high school...
  3. Tiburcio

    I'm tired of everything

    I'm so tired of living. When nothing brings you enjoyement anylonger, you know what you must do. My lack of motivation in life opened my eyes: no more goals will keep me trapped. My depression saved me of life. It won't be necessary suffering everyday with very few things to cope. Directly, it...