1. Sundayafternoon

    [Venting] I had a plan

    I had a plan. I accidentally totaled my car on the 2nd of January. My month long Medical Leave commenced the following day. This also commenced a month of: Random crying spells, Avoiding anyone that still cared to called to check on me (very few, as I started the process of distancing...
  2. I

    [Story] Going to be homeless soon in Michigan, just in time for winter.

    Have no option other than the vicious cycle of shelters, social workers and mental health professionals. Falling deeper into the bottomless pit. Nice.
  3. D

    [Discussion] Anyone facing or presently homeless? what is it like? can a woman survive?

    Does your experience as a homeless person impact your feelings about life? Does the fear of being homeless keep you in an unhealthy situation where you feel suicide is the only escape? That's what I'm facing and think I would rather die than live on the streets or in a homeless shelter.
  4. J

    [Help] Suicide?

    I'm disabled with no friends or family. Cannot live where I'm currently am living now. Cannot rent.