1. 15dec


    What hobbies do you/did you have? Is there any activity you want to start doing, or wish you could? Right now my only hobby is dancing, I do hip hop at the moment and I’m planning on starting ballroom/latin next week. I was looking for jazz dance classes as well but the only ones I can find...
  2. Fisherman

    [Discussion] Your interests?

    By interests I mean any satisfying actions, e.g., reading, video games, or drawing.
  3. FullFat

    Game of thrones/a song of ice and fire fans (spoilers)

    So, anybody watch the show or read the books? If so, what's something you like about it? What's your favorite character? What do you think will happen in season 8? For me, I really liked all the political maneuvering and scheming. Pivoting to focus on the Others doomsday scenario hasn't been...