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  1. E

    How will it work

    I was thinking a cheap fast painless method and i came up to this but i would love some suggestions. A combination of 30 gram of heroin price 300 euro and 2 packs of Xanax price 20 euros , and i would add 1 joint of weed toghether with a a beer or other alcohol,price 5 euros OR Find cheap...
  2. Pepper

    [Method] Questions regarding H

    So, I'm planning on buying a bundle (10 bags) of H. I have a few questions that need answering before (hopefully) ctb. Also note that I've never done H before, and I'm 5'7", 155lbs (don't know if that matters or not). My plan is to put five bags in capsules to swallow, and probably start an...
  3. Rex2019

    [Help] How do you ask for street drugs?

    Call me naive but I have never tried drugs and I'm not really sure how you go about getting them.. Hypothetically, If someone wanted to OD on heroin and wanted to get some, how do you go about it? Whom should you ask and what should you ask for? Should I go to the seedier part of town and just...
  4. C2theN

    [Method] Multiple Methods

    Does anyone have more than one method - like Plan A + Plan B + Plan C, in case one of them fails? My scheme is to drink SN, snort as much #4 heroin as I can, and then maybe empty an insulin pen if I'm still conscious. I'd also mix in some booze and benzos. My biggest worry is puking that up...
  5. Blacktarheroine

    Heroin overdose or...?

    Hello all. I am new here but have been hoping to find a community like this for some time. I am a drug addict who has been clean for about a year through methadone maintenance . I would really like to cbt via heroin overdose. My plan would be to cease my dose and basically every other...
  6. N

    Heroin overdose

    Anyone know how much heroin would result in OD?
  7. L

    [Help] Drug charges after surviving attempt? (hypothetical)

    Hello all, I'm brand new here but this is the only place I know of to ask this question. The method that I have chosen is overdose from heroin. Obviously since that substance is highly illegal in the US I'm worried about being found and getting locked up for possession after being narcaned...