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  1. Nobodysfault

    [Help] How to keep Sodium nitrite??

    Hello, I got a small bag, 100mg of SN. i got it from an unkown seller on ebay. I have no way of knowing if its real SN or not, how much time does the supplier had it or if the bag was opened. Please help me with the following questions: A) if the SN is placed in a sealed bag, how long will...
  2. lululoo

    One last mushroom trip?

    I could use some advice. Should I do mushrooms one more time before I CTB? Pros: -Could help me be more at peace with death if I have another mystical experience -Tiny tiny chance (like hitting one atom with a dart in the whole universe) that it helps me in some way that turns my life around...
  3. FatherDeath

    Easy and painless

    Does anyone know of any way or anything to take. A way I can go without even knowing it’s happening? Doesn’t have to be quick, I just don’t want to see it coming or know when it’s gonna happen. Anyone got anything for me? Like at all?
  4. WhyAmIDyingInside

    The urge to hurt oneself

    Hi, I am now here so please tell me if this toppic is not wanted here... But I wanted to ask you guys if you have any tips to cope the with the urge to hurt oneself Thank you in advance for your help. :)
  5. M

    Quetiapine OD?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with overdosing on quetiapine/Seroquel and what kind of symptoms they had, is it a reliable drug to CTB on, etc. I use it for sleep, I take ¼ of a 25mg pill because I am very sensitive to it and it knocks me out. Once, I took like 12 whole...
  6. T

    [Help] Anyone know a good way to pay anonymously through Bitcoin?

    Or really any way that doesn't leave a trail. I want to order N but I am extremely paranoid. I was talking to someone who said that you can open a PO box under your real name and it will be fine. So that should be okay. This is all in Canada by the way so if anyone has any useful info let me and...
  7. Rex2019

    barbiturates available from a doctor

    So I read that Fioricet is a barbiturate that is given for Migraines( ). Migranes seem easy enough to fake. I was wondering if anyone knows any other barbiturates that are given out by docs? If so for what ailments? Also does anyone know any...
  8. lululoo

    Combining N with plastic bag

    I was thinking about whether it would be a good idea to put a plastic bag over your head after drinking N. That way if for some reason your batch of N was too weak to kill you, you would still pass out from the N and then suffocate. It seems like a good idea, but maybe I'm not thinking of the...
  9. omsoc

    [Help] Gun shot suicide?

    Hi everyone, new member here. Basically to cut to the chase. How badly would a head shot hurt? I’m guessing it would be instant to the point where pain receptors don’t have time to react? I need your help because, this would be my preferred method of going out next to hanging or maybe an exit...
  10. I

    [Method] Need some advise on partial hanging

    I have mental health issues that i dont think I will ever recover fully from. I feel like I'm rotting away inside. All my senses are getting worse and worse. So I'm planning on hanging myself in my basement from a steel weight machine. I have a few important questions. So I made a noose out of...
  11. I

    [Help] Trauma

    I had a mental breakdown 5 years ago at college. I already had a personality and obsessive thinking issue. The first day of the semester I experienced depersonalization and immediately felt like i wasnt going to be able to understand anything and this brought on 7 months of me mind fucking...
  12. robin999

    [Method] will car running in garage work?

    is the car in garage a lethal and effective method? any idea how long it would take and how much time i would need?
  13. iix.em

    Most peaceful and efficient way to go, one or the other idm ft. me

    One of the things holding me back from my inevitable end is the fact that it may not work and I really don't want to be one of those fail attempts yet again once I've hit my point. Just curious on some ways that would work, preferably not messy, peaceful even if that's possible. It's something...
  14. T

    Drugs to end it

    I'm from Australia and I don't know how to end it. I previously attempted with a mixture of valium and something else (cant remember), internet said it'd be fatal. I ended up waking up 24 hours later. In between I'm pretty sure I woke up quickly to vomit black. I'm terrified of hanging myself...
  15. deathplease

    [Venting] Pretty sure jumping is my only way out

    I’ve pretty much accepted that jumping is the only way I can ctb. Please don’t suggest that I order N or SN..tried that. Cutting and ODing are painful and unreliable, I don’t have the accessibility for the CO method or firearms, and my SI is so strong when it comes to hanging. Pretty much any...
  16. deathplease

    SN - Am I doing it right?

    I plan on going via SN as all of my other methods have seem to have failed me. Here’s the 2 items I have in my carts. This is the best SN I can find that can be shipped to me, as well as the primperan I found. I plan to buy tagament at the drug store as it’s OTC. Am I purchasing the correct...
  17. deathplease

    [Method] diphenhydramine?

    I’ve seen quite a few articles online about people dying this way. I don’t completely believe that this is a reliable method but it would be a fairly peaceful way to go..until you’re done tripping out at least. I saw an article on another thread that someone took 4800mg of the drug and would...
  18. deathplease

    [Help] How to get cancer/make a tumour grow?

    When I attempted suicide the first time 4 years ago, I discovered I have a non cancerous tumour called a meningioma. It’s only the size of a freckle, and I have to get a CT scan on it every 2 years. Apparently it can grow without any symptoms, so for all I know, it could be bigger. 90% of the...
  19. deathplease

    [Help] Anyone moved to another state/province? How did you do it?

    I’ve been thinking about packing up and moving to another province recently. I have been through a lot of trauma and there’s not really anything left for me here. I feel like I will be able to leave a lot of the toxicity in my life by moving. My family has caused me more trauma than anyone or...
  20. deathplease

    [Help] May have found another jumping location

    I may have found another location to jump in my city. It’s not nearly as tall as my last place, but I figure I could use it as a back up if I feel that my first choice will not work. The first location is tough because it’s an escarpment & lot of it is fenced off. My second place is a hiking...