1. I

    [Method] Need advice on helium method

    If I buy helium at a party shop, will it be pure helium or mixed with oxygen? I read that some helium gas tanks contain helium mixed with oxygen thus making it unsuitable for suicide? How do I know that I am buying pure helium? Is there any way to check?
  2. Cassia

    [Help] Would love to know if a GP-5 gasmask would work with helium suicide.

    Hello! Pic related, would this work or are there problems with this? Thank you!
  3. Singing In The Rain

    Exit bag: helium amount and purity... is 97% enough?

    Anyone know how big of a tank is needed for an averaged size male around 90kg and the helium purity required for the exit bag method to work effectively? Cause a lot of places seem to put oxygen in the tanks now which sucks. I think I know a party store that hires tanks of helium out which does...
  4. V

    Helium method

    killing myslef by helium inhalation is expensive?
  5. I

    Where to buy nitrogen in the uk? preferably offline

    I have a dilemma, I was going with Helium but I am not sure I can trust the tanks you can buy locally. I was told by more than one online source that if the tank has no other listed ingredients, then it is pure Helium, is this true? Also I have been looking into Nitrogen, but I would really...
  6. M

    [Help] Exit bag suggestions

    I have made an exit hood based off the instruction of "Doing it with Chiï - Making an Exit Bag" and Peaceful Pill 2017 Edition. I am creating a hood using 19 x 23.5 inch oven bags and some clear PVC. The way the instructions talk about making the hood involves using the clear PVC with 1/4 inch...
  7. A

    [Help] Failing helium method?

    >Bag on head >Squish bag so all air goes out >Fill bag with helium >Exhale all air from lungs >Pull down bag >Breathe >.... >.... >.... >Nothing happens What kind of bullshit is that? I have never passed out in my life so maybe I am a mutant or something but seriously wtf? I've read that most...
  8. L

    [Help] Need help preparing

    Instead of an exit bag im going to go with a gas mask instead, I'm not quite sure how the mask I have works but if anything I'll try finding a different kind. What i need help with is what kind of tubing should I use from the mask to the container of helium. I'm going to be using Balloon Time...